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  1. alcalder

    NSW Writer's Centre EE2 Courses for 2012 Ext2

    http://www.nswwc.org.au/ More information and booking on the NSW Writers Centre website: HSC English Ext 2: A Year of Writing Who: Anna Maria Dell’Oso Cost full course: Full price: $850; Conc Member: $515 Cost individual phases: Full price: $350; Conc Member: $210 It can be daunting to...
  2. alcalder

    NSW Writer's Centre EE2 Courses

    Hi All, Just thought everyone might like to know about the NSW Writer's Centre courses they run for EE2. <TABLE style="TABLE-LAYOUT: fixed" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>HSC English Extension 2 (31 October 2010 - 29 May...
  3. alcalder

    German events/TV etc coming up

    A lot of you talk about wanting stuff to see and do in German to practice your skills. So, perhaps a thread to share those ideas. To start you off: This coming Sunday, 15th March on SBS is a German movie "Rosenstrasse". It is a very powerful and moving movie about the German women who staged a...
  4. alcalder

    NSW Writers Centre - WORKSHOPS

    Hi All, I thought you might be interested in some Writers workshops for school students at the NSW Writers Centre. It may get you new Ext 2 Students off to a start. Enjoy. 2009 HSC Extension English Teachers & Students ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you have a friend teaching HSC...
  5. alcalder

    NOUN CASES - Nom, Akk, Dat, Gen

    Ever wondered how to recognise Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ and Genetiv? After receiving a private message from one of you, I wrote this little explanation about Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ and Genetiv noun cases are. Since I couldn't attach it to a message, I have posted it here - which is...
  6. alcalder

    NOTES on Standard Model - Quarks, Leptons etc

    Hi All. Since I wrote this out for one of your number, I thought I might as well post it here and it could be useful to some trying to tackle this last little tack on dot point in Q2Q. This is a new addition to the new syllabus and I have a feeling it was kind of tacked on there without giving...