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    The Australian loses FOI case

    It's a bit late but here it is. High Court Judgment
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    Transferring Outlook Archives

    Hello. I need some help: I am running Microsoft Outlook 2003 (SP1). I will be getting another computer for uni but I want to retain past e-mails and put them on my future Outlook program. Is there a way I can do this in one step for all my e-mails? Thanks in advance :) Captain pi.
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    Five Significant Figures

    I think the time has come to honour those 18 students who received a UAI of 100.00. And "No" I didn't get one. And "No" I don't know all of their names. However, I think a quick scan of the Top Achievers' List will indicate some probable contenders (*cough* JCL, AKS, AJT *cough*). If...
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    Equation Editor -- Better (free) programs

    Dear maths and computer afficionadi, Do any of you know good programs for writing equations (as for a test) into a word processor (as Word)? Thank you.
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    2005 Group FOI for raw marks

    Dear all 2005 students, This is a call for expressions of interest from anyone interested in discovering their raw marks in the 2005 HSC (or earlier). Please e-mail me with FOI in the subject field for further information. I intend to group together everyone to save money. Regards...
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    Randomization in Excel

    Hello! Please answer this question: Is there a feature on Excel to randomly sort a column? Thank you for your time. Captain pi.
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    1972 English Papers

    Dear beloved bosers, I give you the 1972 paper! Enjoy! "English was better in 1972 than it is now." Discuss with reference to the attached text. Love and cuddles, the pi.
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    ING ad obscuring resources menu

    At the home page: http://www.boredofstudies.org/index.php when I click on the Resources drop down menu and point to Humanities, Science, etc, the ING advertisement obscures the subjects. It is only with this advertisement.
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    Islamabad 7.6 Earthquake

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    Quantitative Analysis for Rust

    Dearest chemists: Is there a way to perform a quantitative analysis to compare corrosion (rates)? Thank you. the pi.
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    Critic Factor

    Hello all! Does anyone have the name of a critic, whom I can quote to open a paragraph (or just a couple of sentences), who argues that Emma's Mr Knightley is Austen's "voicepiece" (or something to that effect)? I am looking to start thus "Coventry Smooth argues that Mr Knightley is Austen's...
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    Trigonometric integration

    I have done part (i) but I am a bit rusty so can't do part (ii) and am thus requesting a little help :).
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    T.S. Elliot quote – reference

    In the HSC 2002 English (Advanced) Paper 2 Exemplar Sampe 1 on page 7, the candidate has written: I seek a reference to this quote.
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    Kelso High School destroyed by fire

    The 1300 hrs ABC Radio News reported that fire had destroyed Kelso High School. (ABC Online doesn't seem to have the transcript.)
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    Music Fonts

    Please refer to: http://www.boredofstudies.org/community/showthread.php?p=1735162#post1735162
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    Music Fonts

    Does anyone have, or can anyone direct me to, any fonts that allow for flats etc to be written in a word processor without having to enlarge the fonts, creating an unsightly gap within a paragraph? Cheers.
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    Scurvy the new scourge of uni life

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    Scurvy the new scourge of uni life

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    Frontline Screenshots

    Hello, I have been compelled to do an English poster by the authorities for Module C. However, I cannot get screenshots of Frontline. Where may one obtain these sacred images? Love, pi.
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    Windows Messenger

    Hi, I recently updated my standard Windows Messenger to MSN Messenger 7.0. However, my Windows Messenger sporadically and surreptitiously renders itself online. I have tried the following: Deleting Windows Messenger (access denied) Ticking the "Automatically start Messenger when computer...