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  1. bassguy

    Parker and appeasement

    I really need to know stuff about Parker and his views on appeasement. Anything, really. Please help if you can.
  2. bassguy


    I dug it. Thoughts?
  3. bassguy

    Nine Inch Nails touring

    in support of the new album, year zero shows in sydney are at the big top on 9 may and 10 may of course, 9 may is already sold out and 10 probably will be soon ill be there though fucking awesome
  4. bassguy

    Marilyn Manson world tour

    coinciding with the release of their new album next month he'd better come here
  5. bassguy

    Transformers And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!!

    yes movies of those should be quite the ridiculously awesome
  6. bassguy

    i heart huckabees

    trudat thoughts? i think its great, but i know not everyone does
  7. bassguy

    the song name game

    here's how it works it starts off with a song name then the next person posts a song title with a word from the last song title in it for example: march of the pigs war pigs the dogs of war black dog ill start it off: another brick in the wall
  8. bassguy

    Harvey Birdman

    i loves that show does anyone know where i can get the dvd?
  9. bassguy

    seth macfarlane vs matt groening

    matt groening of course being the man behind the simpsons and futurama seth macfarlane being behind family guy and american dad this issue is dividing my school, so i want to see what the general consensus is
  10. bassguy

    Stadium Arcadium

    thoughts on the album? also, there's a rumour that the australian tour dates are in late 2006 discuss