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  1. 00iCon

    Question 20?

    The one where you had to include three appliances in a table. What was expected of us? and which syllabus dot points does it address? Here's a reproduction of my answer. Yes, i did have the time to draw pretty pictures. Did i do it right? I thought it couldn't be this easy...
  2. 00iCon

    LHC question

    I liked it, becasuse it related to modern developments in physics. So, who else got oppositely charged particles, proton from right to left, electron from left to right? Also 2.5 x 10^-2 Teslas for the field. That was the hardest question from me. Even Q30)e) was easy in comparison.
  3. 00iCon

    Newton's laws in X2?

    I was exploring the syllabus and found this:"use Newton’s laws to obtain equations of motion of a particle in situationsother than projectile motion and simple harmonic motion"how do Newton's laws relate to integration and differentiation?
  4. 00iCon

    Did anyone notice...

    Fools wrote Australian Stock Exchange! What idiots! If I even get a mark off, I'm going to claim the question wasn't valid.
  5. 00iCon

    Report format Q!!

    In my executive summary I always write: This report will...{rehashed question}/w.r.t. case studies of... then in the conclusion: This report has...{question}/w.r.t. case studies of In my conlusion i also inlcude the subheadings I used. Is this advisable/good/excellent?????? QUICK answer please...
  6. 00iCon

    Maths Extension 2 Marathon

    I got kicked out of the 2Unit marathon so I'll post this. All you do is answer the previous question and write your own. I'll start with this from the Ruse 2009 trial, 2 marks each. Q: The area bounded by y = 4 - x<SUP>2</SUP>, x=2 and y=4 is rotated about the line x=4. Using the method of...
  7. 00iCon

    slightly strange question

    Are we allowed to photograph our paper after we're done?. If i could, i wouldn't use my phone, i'd use a normal camera.