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    Do you know any TESOL/TEFL courses

    Does anyone know of any good but short TESOL / TEFL (teaching English as a second language) courses I could do over the summer holidays? Preferably near me (Western Sydney area). I've looked up a few. But there don't seem to be many legit looking ones. Or they are too far away, or take too long...
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    No motivation for uni anymore. Advice?

    It's my first year, second semester at USYD. I'm studying science/nursing but might transfer to just science. My major is computer science. First semester I pushed myself to work hard. I had a full week; I went to uni 5 days a week, was there most days from 9 - 5 (meaning I'd have to get up...
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    Would they let me move units around in this way

    I have a dilemma, basically stuffed up my units in terms of prereqs etc (which half of it isn't really my fault, but that's not the point). Ok my degree is bachelor of science / masters of nursing. The layout is like this: YEAR ONE: all science units YEAR TWO: science and nursing units (2...
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    [1105] Data structures?

    I was planning to do this unit in sem 2 but the only other related unit I have done is Info1003 (foundations of IT). I was also planning on doing intro to programming (1103) in sem 2. A few people have told me not to do those together, as 1105 depends on knowledge from 1103. But on the course...
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    Are short courses (2 days) like this worth it? (php/mysql)

    I've been wanting to do a short course in php and mySQL, as in, over a few weeks during holidays (especially since my degree major is in computer science but also because I want to learn it out of interest). I also find learning in a formal education environment is much more effective for me...
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    Can you do "extra" units?

    Like for example this first year I have 4 subjects per semester, so 8 subjects total. But what if I want to do more during summer school? I ask because there are quite a few units I wanted to do but don't have enough "spare credit points", i.e. I need more than the limit of 48CP per year. Is it...
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    Am I gonna fail this unit [MATH1111]

    Seriously I don't know what to do, this stupid required math crap is killing me. I'm doing intro to calc which is the lowest math thing available. I got a C on my assignment, and that was with the help of my private math tutor.Without him I know I would have failed. In my mid sem test, I got 7 /...
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    Aquarium hobbyists?

    Anyone keep fish? What type? Tank sizes? For how long? etc. Tell me everything. :) I recently got into the hobby, kind of.. I only have one plakat betta fish in a planted 22 litre tank which I've had for only a few months. I've been planning for a ~100 litre community tank but my parents won't...
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    junior, intermediate, senior units in different years

    Is it possible to do a "junior" or "first year" unit in second year? Can you swap them around (assuming there are no prerequisites)?
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    D or HD?

    Ok I know this is probably a silly question. But I'm not familiar with the marking at uni. In the marking guide/criteria for my assignment, where they mark different aspects (content, layout etc) for each part the mark is in the distinction range. If I add all these marks up, they make 88%...
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    Why are some math units 3 CP each

    Why are some usyd math units only worth 3CP? Do they have less work/content?
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    cholinergic agonists?

    For my case study I need to answer: "3. Why are anticholinergic agents avoided and cholinergic agonists recommended in the treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux?" I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what anticholinergic agents, cholinergic agonists and also the seemingly related...
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    what happens if you drop a unit

    If you are required (I think) to do 4 units that semester, would you be allowed to drop one? How would it work? (assuming you can't change to another unit by that time).
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    Skipping lectures?

    Should you skip lectures? I kind of have wanted to on thursdays, since I just have 2 lectures , and it takes me around 1.5 hours to get there. So 3 hours travel for 2 lectures. Then I can always access the recording online anyway. But I just feel bad to skip anything. I don't have any days off...
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    question about quizes

    If it says "multiple attempts allowed", does it mean unlimited? It doesn't specify a certain number. There's just one question I keep getting wrong but don't wanna keep trying in case I use up attempts.
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    Which maths is harder

    Which would be harder of these fundamental math units: - introduction to linear algebra - mathematical modelling Also, is discrete mathematics difficult? I need it for comp sci..
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    Uni - how long do you study per day

    I'm just curious to know how many hours per day the average uni student might study? (NOT including time during lectures, tutorials etc) basically outside of uni/at home study. Also, I know these don't always correlate, but what are your average marks? (pass, credit average etc). Do you think if...
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    HELP practical prep biol1003

    I have a biol1003 practical tomorrow on Monday, and also I have a biol1003 lecture that morning too. On Saturday I was doing the preparation in that manual thing but I spent literally like several hours on it and I'm not even done, and it's making me think I'm doing the wrong thing. I'm not 100%...
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    BUYING: seeley's essentials of anatomy and physiology

    I'm currently waiting for a response from someone online... I want to post this so I can find someone else quicker if they no longer have the book. I'm buying Seeley's essentials of anatomy and physiology (biol1003 usyd); it doesn't have to be the latest edition. Only thing is I don't want to...
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    INFO1003 syllabus?

    Is there a syllabus for this that outlines what you need to know? Similar to the BIOL1003 syllabus? I can't seem to find one.