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    Employer Presentations

    hey everyone. im wondering if anyone is planning to go to any of these, they are mostly in the first and second weeks. do many first year students go? or do you have to be super keen? does anyone know from experience what they are like? cheers
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    Blackboard passwords

    so has anyone received this yet? does blackboard have the lecture notes we can print ourselves or do we do it through the copy centre only? thanks
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    Hey guys and girls i figured you are the kind of people that would most likely know what the deal is with parking for events at the roundhouse. I'm driving to the dashboard confessional concert on Saturday 28th Feb, and was wondering if i'm able to park on the campus, or will the gates be...
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    the manning bar (and others)

    hey this is mainly aimed at people already at sydney uni : are there bouncers at the manning bar etc that check that the poeple going in are 18+ ? im 18 in march but my friend is in August so im just curious about how strict they are about serving alcohol at locations on the campus... cheers!
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    Estimate Your mark

    how did you all go? around 92%..
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    Estimate your mark:

    the title says it all :D i reckon 55% or so
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    Prediction please (apologies in adv.)

    I know there's plenty going around, but until i figure out how to use uaiseeker properly i'd really appreciate an estimate from my trial marks .. cheers English Advanced 72% 23/65 Mathematics 77% 5/40 Maths Ext 1 40% 4/10 Business...
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    Transferring from a course?

    Hello all, i've been struggling to find some solid information on what is required to change your pattern of study once you get into a university. for people that really want to go to a certain uni, i gather that if you dont get the req'd uai you can get into a different course with a...
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    The Uni for Parties?

    Hey boys and girls, I live about 2 hrs from the city, so assuming i get around 95 i'll be moving into some kind of accomodation in the city (doing a business related degree at uts/sydney/unsw/macq) What are people's opinions, educated or otherwise, on the best uni for -on campus...
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    English and the UAi

    Hey there, im after a little help: Here are my marks so far: Mathematics: 95% 4/35 3u Maths: 75% 4/10 Business Studies 90% 1/21 Economics 96% 1/10 --pretty soft...