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    atar estimate please

    hi guys could i please have an atar estimate (exam rank) biology: 11/16 physics: 5/10 english: 14/81 aboriginal studies: 1/7 chemistry: 5/9 school rank: 492 thanks guys
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    Atar estimate PLEASE

    Hi guys, can you please give me an atar estimate my school rank is 492 ranks for subjects are: English standard: 10/100 biology:10/14 chemistry: 5/9 physics: 2/9 Aboriginal studies: 1/7 also would you guys be able to tell me what my ranks should be after the trials to get an atar of above 96 Thanks
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    hey guys I just wanted to know how much the HSC exams are worth in comparison to the trials and all the other exams/ work done in year 12. Thanks :lol:
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    hey guys so my major for Ab studies is worth 40% and my teacher is literally the worst teacher ever in the prelim exams she gave us a 2010 Ab studies HSC paper which goes for 3 hours to do in an hour and a half. she does not teach us anything and she is so hard on marking. she has never given...