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    Semester 1 2010 Results & Predictions

    4 HD's and a D
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    Easy first year science units

    HPSC subjects are normally pretty easy, bioethics is a nice easy one but its a sem 1 subject, if your looking for a sem 2 subject maybe try introductory logic
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    Kim kardashian or miranda kerr

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    how many past papers

    Im sure you can find enough papers to do each just once, i reckon i had over 100 past papers available to me, probs did about 25 of them
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    No UMAT needed for USYD med?

    pretty sure usyd doesn't offer undergrad med, but rather a combined degree with science or arts in which you complete the science/arts by itself before you begin to study medicine, its post grad
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    Smart cohort or easy marking?

    ridiculously easy marking
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    No UMAT needed for USYD med?

    you definitely have to pass an interview
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    Aganist abortion

    First of all murder refers not to just killing but rather the injustice done to the person by the action. What's to say an early foetus is a person, does it have conciousness? A will to live? Is it rational? At what point does one draw the line to when a foetus becomes a person? Making a...
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    Heat Capacity question.

    what you are talking about is "specific heat capacity", it is different to "heat capacity". Heat capacity has units J/K.
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    Human Centipede Assumptions...

    since when do centipedes wear pants anyway? to mimic the real centipede i believe pants are not an option
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    If you solve this limit you are a god among men.

    given this is easily seen but the difficulty lies in finding a and b and the region in the real ab plane that this represents
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    If you solve this limit you are a god among men.

    Have a go at the limit in the link, quite difficult conceptually. The aim is to find all a and b such that the limit exists and is finite. Hint: the answer you get should be in the form of inequalities. Very interested to see how you guys will go.
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    nowhere as easy as everyone is making it out to be. Think you guys missed the if and only if part that complicates things
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    So who actually enjoys it? Males, females?
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    Favourite study snack...?

    mi goreng
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    Can you do general Maths in highschool and still do medicine

    maths is not a prerequisite for medicine. so if you can get a high enough atar without it then you can drop for sure.
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    chemistry and physics help??

    summary of dot points as that is what they can test you on
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    first day

    they were popping the balloons in chem1901
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    first day

    i was in that lecture. wasn't too bad the lecturer was pretty interesting
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    Is Physics required to do Medicine?

    you don't need to do physics to do medicine later. if you don't enjoy a subject drop it.