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    Engineering Degree hours/week first year?

    Hi I'm planning on doing engineering next year (hopefully at UTS) and was just interested how many hours face to face it involves each week. I assume it's the same regardless of major because first year is common. Also how many hours study do you reckon?
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    Atar Estimate

    School was ranked 180th last year, here are my rankings and CSSA trial results Physics: 3/4, 76% Modern History: 1/14, 93% English Standard: 8/57, 67% Mathematics: 4/8, 78% Engineering Studies: 1/6, 80% What Atar do you think I can get?
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    Who is confident for engineering studies??

    Hey, just wondering who is keen for engineering studies? What kinda trial marks did people get? How much Study have you been doing for it? How are you dealing with the fact it's the day after english?
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    Time For Some Hardcore Study

    Graduated yesterday, got way to drunk last night... now time to put my head down and achieve my ATAR goal of 90+ Plan is 8 hours a day till 2 days before english then cut it down to 4hrs a day during exams. Also I'm going to go to the library on the days I'm doing stuff that doesn't require...
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    MRI Question, precessing nuclei :) Help would be appreciate

    Up to the second last dot point of my last topic in my summaries and I have "hit the wall" somewhat. How would you explain this? How is the amplitude of the signal given out when precessing nuclei relax related to the number of nuclei present? Like I understand how the more nuclei relaxing...
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    Atar estimateee please :)

    Subject: ranking, CSSA trial mark Standard English: 8/57, 67% Mathematics: 4/8, 78% Physics: 3/4, 76% Modern History: 1/14, 93% Engineering Studies: 1/6, 80% School rank: 180