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    2007 cssa solutions?

    does anyone have the 2007 cssa solutions? 2 simple questions are driving me crazy!! q3dii and q6c i+ii http://www.angelfire.com/ab7/fourunit/cssa2007.pdf if any 1 can do these please, please show me.. edit: nvm q3 hikari solved..
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    complex vector q

    finally found a link with many trials.... would have been so useful if i saw these trials earlier, anyways http://www.angelfire.com/ab7/fourunit/cssa2007.pdf q3 d)ii) on that page...help...
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    please help me solve it; you had: HCl sodium carbonate barium nitrate lead nitrate this is what i did in the exam but i got confused: 1+2= gas released (HCl and sodium carbonate, first thought) 2+4= no reaction now from my first thought, 2 is either the acid or the carbonate...