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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    that totally put me down.. thought I did enough studying and past papers but was totally wrong, first few q untill q15 was fine but towards the end I literally just gave up... even my teacher was sure I can get over 90, but after the test im not even sure if I can even get 80....
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    how did everyone interpret paper 1 text 2?? I had to read the poem several times to get what its talking about but Im not even sure if I understood right...
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    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    Ooh oops well atleast what I chose was right... and yea I also chose that they can be departed if they served sentence of one year or more.. I was pretty confused with that one aswell
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    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    for one of multiple choice q with ICC and high court of Aus, what did everyone put? I put it as ICC but then remembered how ICC was court of last resort, now im kind of thinking maybe high court of aus the answer but yea that exam was pre broad and easier than I thought it would be
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    non-legla response for crimes?

    one of the themes and challenge for crimes says legal and non-legal response but cant really think of what would be considered as non-legal response for crimes topic, anyone got any idea?
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    am i the only person schitzing so hard for legal

    thanks Good luck to you too :spin: guess ill just have to try all my best and it should be all fine !!
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    am i the only person schitzing so hard for legal

    I honestly don't know how I am meant to memorise essay worth of information for nearly every dot point (esp options) since they can get as specific as they want... I think I was somehow lucky in trial bc the paper was pre easy but I really don't know about hsc especially with everyone saying...
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    is international labour organisation non-government organisation

    oooh right thank you so much!!:jump:
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    is international labour organisation non-government organisation

    I through ILO would be an intergovernmental org since its under UN, but my textbook says its NGO? and then I looked up in another textbook, but it didn't mention anything about ILO under NGO
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    family law same sex

    would same sex still be considered as alternative family relationship (in respect to the dot point in syllabus) now that same sex marriage is legalised???