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    ATAR estimate please ?

    School Rank: 3 Mathematics (2UNIT)- Rank: 35/80 Mathematics Extension 1- Rank: 56/130 Physics- Rank: 23/99 Chemistry- Rank: 79/105 Biology- Rank: 27/29 English Advanced- Rank: 49/165 Cheers.
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    Pls help me

    I'm not too sure how to start this question: "Assess how an increased scientific understanding of the structure and function of blood has impacted the development of technologies and the implications these have had on society" (7 marks) Much thanks!
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    Need Assistance please!!!

    Hi guys and girls, I have an assessment task on all of my individual sciences which requires me to make propose a question and then carry out an open-ended secondary investigation. So this is my question for physics: “Are methane-fuelled rocket engines feasible for interplanetary space...
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    Need help with this Q!

    Can someone please explain part b) and c) Much thanks
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    Urgent help with integration!

    I've attached two photos, it's a question on volumes integration (2U), and on my second attachment is my working out. Is it correct? And also when do I use this method of subtracting the volume under the curve from the volume of the cylinder? i.e ∏r^2h...
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    Need help once again

    I'm pretty sure I'm suppose to take tan on both sides but then I'm kinda stuck, assistance will be appreciated! Much thanks
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    pH meter

    'Solve problems and perform a first-hand investigation to use pH meters/probes and indicators to distinguish between acidic, basic and neutral chemicals' My question is: do I need to know the diagram of a pH meter? Much thanks
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    Really confused here...

    Hi all, I'm kinda baffled regarding how to study for an english advanced exam? Like for sciences, all I do is: - make syllabus notes - revise and do past papers - rectify misconceptions and weaknesses - do past papers in timed conditions However, for english what kind of "standard"...
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    First assessment task

    So I just got my notification for my first assessment task for english (omg this is it), and the question is: “The process of rediscovery is complex and confronting” To what extent is this statement reflected in Wrack and one text of your own choosing? In your extended response include...
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    Help again!

    'Describe and explain how a moving coil ammeter works. You need to correctly apply the physics principles involved' Much thanks
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    Projectile motion practical

    For the practical for projectile motion, how would I improve the reliability, validity and accuracy? Much thanks
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    Question about biomass

    'Evaluate the use of biomass as both a potential source of energy and for the production of plastics, including associated technical difficulties' (5 marks) Any of you guys have any suggestions on what I should include in my response? Much thanks
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    Series and sequences help

    The sum of the first n terms of a series is given by Sn= (x+1)^2n - 1. Show that the sequence is geometric. Much thanks
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    Guess who? HELP AGAIN

    So I have a creative writing piece due in like 5 days and I have to write a 300 word reflection which says- 'compose a reflection statement detailing how your creative response utilises form and features to explore the complex nature of discovery. Please include evidence from your creative...
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    HELP (its me again)

    3 weeks into year 12 and so far so good, I do the following: - Maths 3U - Eng 2U - Biology - Chemistry - Physics In terms of content I'm pretty happy with Maths, Eng and Phys, however I am a bit concerned about the amount of content I need to remember for Chem and Bio. My question is...
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    Need help! onnnnnncceee againnn

    'Explain the difference between starch and cellulose, provide equations to support your answer' (3 marks) What should I write about to earn 3 marks? Much thanks
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    NEED HELP once again

    'Outline the chemical and physical processes involved in the production of ONE of the following from a natural raw material' (I chose polyethylene bottle): Include relevant chemical equations in your answer. (6 marks) My answer: Harvesting sugar canes: Sugar canes are solid raw...
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    Need help with a question!

    'Describe a test that you used to distinguish between a named alkane and alkene you investigated in the laboratory. Include relevant practical details and chemical equations' I know my content, but I'm not sure what exactly I should add, do i need to add reliability, validity, accuracy...
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    Some confusion

    For subjects like physics, chemistry and biology, is there any point in doing the exercise questions? or should I just go straight to past papers? Much thanks
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    Maintaining a Balance notes

    Does anyone have the KISS notes for Maintaining a Balance? Much thanks