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  1. trecex1

    Subjects for my atar

    Pick the subjects you know you're good at and will keep for HSC. If you're unsure of which subjects you're good at it's better to pick high scaling ones (chem/eco/bio) rather than Ext Eng/Studies of religion. Sure you can get a high ATAR with any subject combination, but it is much easier with...
  2. trecex1

    clockwise or anticlockwise

    It's anticlockwise. The coil needs to create a magnetic field out of the page to oppose the decrease, so it's anticlockwise.
  3. trecex1

    Maths/Physics Tutoring - 99.95 | 3U 100 | 4U 100 | Phys 96

    Hi I graduated in 2017 with an ATAR of 99.95 achieving Band 6 in all subjects. I am offering tutoring services for HSC Mathematics (2U, 3U and 4U) and Physics (I have studied the new course and have plenty of resources) I am extremely familiar with the HSC syllabus for these subjects, and...
  4. trecex1

    Worth re-doing MX1 again?

    I was in a similar situation a year ago, ultimately I decided to repeat 3U to try get 100 (against the advice of pretty much everyone I asked) and it worked out however...the extra 2 marks would’ve made no difference to my ATAR. I’d suggest you do whatever is comfortable for you - if you’re...
  5. trecex1

    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    English Adv: 95 Maths X1: 100 (repeated) Maths X2: 100 Physics : 96 Also from last year, Chem: 96
  6. trecex1

    First in Course List

    Wow there seems to be a lot of ties this year.
  7. trecex1

    Perms and combs question

    Split it into two cases 1) A pair is selected e.g two l's 2) No pair is selected (3 single letters)
  8. trecex1

    Carrotsticks' 2017 Mathematics Extension 2 solutions

    Q1 has 8 roots doesn't it? Also ahh are there 4 values for a in q16? I assumed a had to be positive :( Edit: I think 11b) may be wrong? since those values are for a^2 and b^2 not a and b
  9. trecex1

    2017 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 paper thoughts?

    Multis and Q11-14 slightly harder than past years. Q15 and 16 were easier than recent years. I'm guessing aligning will be worse than previous years?
  10. trecex1

    2017ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Best of luck everyone :)
  11. trecex1

    2018 & 2019 HSC Syllabus Change - What's new?

    Personally wouldn't say conics is the 2nd hardest topic, maybe mechanics or even complex numbers (geometry questions). From what I heard from other math teachers, conics is being removed since the questions are too standard with little variations. There are only so many properties of conics they...
  12. trecex1

    2016 q 11 naming CFCs

    Yes answer is D. Reason: 'b' is before 'c' in the alphabet.
  13. trecex1

    Hey Guys! Just have a few questions about the HSC

    Not entirely true Just because Year 10 and 11 results don't count towards anything doesn't mean they have 'no relation.' They're a pretty good indicator of your study habits/organisation skills etc. that will matter in year 12. You don't need to do really well in Year 10/11 to do well in Year...
  14. trecex1

    How do HSC markers check for plagiarism?

    They can't unless, they read a similar essay (e.g if you copy your classmate's essay that he/she was planning to use). Highly doubt they even have time to do these kinds of checks, considering they need to get through 100,000+ essays
  15. trecex1

    HSC 2017 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2017 MX2 Marathon...
  16. trecex1

    Predicting HSC Questions?

    Maths isn't economics.. you don't need to 'predict' the last question to be able to do it.