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    Indochina Help / Notes ?

    Lols i have a slight feeling i am totally going to fail Section III, Indochina :( Haha Does anyone have Indochina notes? Ive made summary notes. but dont really like it! I usually do my summarys based on the syllabus dot points. like in exact order. However, my school uses a textbook where...
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    Leni Notes/Conflict in Indochina

    I've posted this in another thread, but anyway i was wondering Does anyone have study notes based on Leni according to the syllabus dot points And also, who is doing Conflict in indochina and using the Dennet, B 2000, Key Features of Modern History, University Press, Melbourne textbook i...
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    Need help on the themes of We All fall Down!

    Need help on the themes of we all fall down! Especially the theme of revenge, including the techniques used and how it is used to create meaning
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    Modern History Assignment Help!!!!

    Topic: Indochina! I really need a sample answer for "Evaluate the view that an inability to separate nationalism from communism dominated the US policy towards Indochina in the period 1954-1968" It is a 2006 past paper question
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    Need Help - Assessment Task

    Hey guys! I have this business assessment task where we are to launch a new product in the market, an imaginary product of our choice. Any recommendations on what product i could launch? Hence i have to develop a marketing plan for the product