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  1. LoveHateSchool

    Comparison of Public School Voluntary contributions

    "Parents with children in NSW selective schools pay voluntary fees on average five times the amount of those with children in comprehensive public schools."...
  2. LoveHateSchool

    2014 Reading Goals?

    I'm using Goodreads to track mine :) of twenty-five books https://www.goodreads.com/challenges/1914-2014-reading-challenge Cause last year I had a horrible habit of starting books and not finishing which I'm going to break. For someone that read so much in HS, I want to get back into it a...
  3. LoveHateSchool


    Hey y'all, Just want to say how all mega proud I am of you all for completing the HSC-it's all a bit like a hurdles race. I hope you all surpass your expectations, as I have had the pleasure all year of seeing you tackle and overcome a difficult concept, improve on past results etc. Also now...
  4. LoveHateSchool

    BoS EE2 Showcase thread-2013 Major Works

    Congratulations on handing in your EE2 Major work! So proud of all you EE2 kiddlets for getting through the editing, hopefully without copious amounts of coffee :) You can share your MW's and Reflection Statements in this thread. When submitting your Major Work, please let us know the...
  5. LoveHateSchool

    2 weeks until results!

    *pokes 2012ers* What have you guys been up to? How are you feeling about results? Do you miss school? I've been so busy since the HSC I've barely thought about them till now when things have slowed a bit. Been working, away in Melbourne/Sydney, done RCG/RSA etc. so haven't really slowed...
  6. LoveHateSchool

    2013ers: What topics are you doing for the HSC?

    These forums need reviving! To kick off, I will share what topics I did! WW1: Obviously everyone does this one :P I liked the source work aspect of it but I found parts of the syllabus interesting like the women's roles, the propaganda and the peacemaking efforts at Versailles. Indochina...
  7. LoveHateSchool

    Inspiration Thread (2014 cohort)!

    Doing EE2 is a marathon effort! No matter what your medium, it is a long crunch of writing, editing and copious amounts of Tea and Coffee. The EE2 forums are a little quiet, so I want to help bolster activity and keep us in communication as you work on your little babies (or in my case, what...
  8. LoveHateSchool

    SO who else is not looking forward tomorrow?

    Getting my ATB nihilism on early.
  9. LoveHateSchool

    Can't concentrate!

    Is anyone finding it super hard to concentrate? I can barely focus on the words on the page *sigh*
  10. LoveHateSchool

    PM box glitching?

    Getting a database error every time I try to access it. Thoughts?
  11. LoveHateSchool

    Anyone have friends already finished?

    I do, and I'm just chilling with just under two weeks haha. Gonna be the longest two weeks ever! And if you're wondering how people are finished Adv Eng, Eco, Bio, French, Maths, MX1.
  12. LoveHateSchool

    Love maths? Help engage others with maths!

    So I was wondering if you guys could help bounce some ideas off. SO think back to your junior school days, like Year 7 and 8. I know alot of you maths guys probably loved maths back then but some kids in Yr 7/8 are beginning to feel disengaged with maths. So my school when I had to do my...
  13. LoveHateSchool

    Please explain this Q to me :)

    So I have to evaluate integral of secx with limits pi/3 and pi/6. Already shown these derivatives. secx=secxtanx secx + tanx=secx (secx + tan x) Where to from here?
  14. LoveHateSchool

    Me failing at another simple MC

    I fail at MC or Q15/Q16 level, I know it's bizarre. I don't understand this function Q, probs haven't done it since year 11. If f(x)=a^x + a^-x, then f^2(x)= And answer is 2+f(2x)
  15. LoveHateSchool

    Easy Probability Q

    Multiple choice, don't see how they got their answer. A game is played in which two coloured dice are thrown once. The six faces of the red die are numbered 3,5,6, 8, 9 and 11. The six faces of the white dies are numbered 1,2, 4, 6, 10 and 12. The player wins if the number on the white die is...
  16. LoveHateSchool

    Did the first exam feel a little surreal to anyone?

    Like all the hype of 13 years, just for another paper. I didn't even feel conscious of the fact it was the HSC, just another examination paper in a long string of papers. Did anyone feel this kind of detached way during it? It was quite bizarre.
  17. LoveHateSchool

    Imagine if Papa reappeared in the AOS paper?

    There could be a deep exploration with his alienation and lack of identity due to losing his boat and seafaring ways. Would the BOS be so ironic?
  18. LoveHateSchool

    Are you allowed to use your calc in reading time (For maths?)

    Just thinking with the MC if there's any calculator quick Qs you could get them worked out in reading time. But reading time=no pens or highlighters but does that mean no calcs too?
  19. LoveHateSchool

    Easy Parabola Q

    From a trial. Find eqn of the parabola vetex (-1,1) and focus (-3, 1) Answers say (y-1)^2 = 8(x+3) I understand it is a left facing parabola, and the directrix is x=1 and all that, so I thought the answer would be (y-1)^2=-8(x+1). Confused if they have mistakingly used the focus coordinates...
  20. LoveHateSchool

    Quick differentiation question

    I'm trying to differentiate V=5.4(2sinθ + sinθcosθ) . And then deriving that derivative. Can someone please step me through, I'm brain fried and failing at it and the rest of the Q will be easy after this.