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  1. JhK89


    I heard from one of the other students at uws that if u tranfer either unsw or something that we have to do first year again..? (engineering) is this true..? has anyone from uws engineering transfered to unsw eng or syd?
  2. JhK89

    Odd weeks and even weeks

    im sorta lost, my lecturer said that for pracs there are odd week and even week sessions, can anyone tell me how to read which one im in..?
  3. JhK89


    Atm all the tuts are full and i cannot register for one of them courses.. should i go talk to the unit profs..?
  4. JhK89

    im confused...

    When i went to register for my Tut it said its not opened or something..? and im wondering how many credit points it is per season.. im doing engineering in 2007 and it only says im registered for Mathematics for Engineers 1 which is apparently 10 credit points.... is it 10 credit points...
  5. JhK89

    Finished HSC!! (merged)

    Who Else has finished HSC?? i just finished today after Ext maths w00t! but im so bored and worried about my UAI.... :uhhuh:
  6. JhK89

    [Beg] Jap Good Luck!

    Good Luck guys! best wishes for 2moro at 2!
  7. JhK89

    My uai prediction?

    Music 1 - 1/4 Std English - 23/41 Japanese Beginners - 7/11 -0- 2 unit maths - 30/60 Physics - 26/31 my school was in the top 100 last year wat'd do u think ill get with these ranks -_-;;
  8. JhK89

    HSC Music Perf - How Did You Go?

    Hey im in the school library atm... just did my HSC perf. today.. i rekon i screwed it up how did everyone else go..? btw im doing music 1
  9. JhK89

    UTS or UNSW

    Hey guys im in yr12 atm and i wanna do B Science and Engineering in uni. the thing is which uni i shuld go to.. UTS and UNSW both have the same UAI cut off but i want to know which is better and which part of the unis are stronger for which part. BUt most my friends are applying for UTs so can...
  10. JhK89

    CSSA trials?

    Does ne1 have ne of the CSSA trials for physics much would be appreciated for them thanks :) i need to prac. for my trials
  11. JhK89

    The Club

    Does anyone have notes on this ive looked everywhere but i cant seem to find notes newhere please... thanks~
  12. JhK89

    Newton's approximation method

    Sorri im having some trouble working this out can ya help me please~ We with to find the interest rate r such that (1+r) {(1+r)^24 - 1} - 50r = 0. Use one step of newton's method to estimate r. Take r1 = 0.06 as the first approximation