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    primary industries

    anyone looking at this site do primary industries?? the reason i ask is because i found out that there were only about 230 people that did the hsc primary industries exam last yr.. i thought the exam was pretty dam easy...the questions in the 3rd section were especially good. i was also...
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    EES pracs!!!!!!!

    does anyone else have a problem with trying to remember all the experiments we did in ees? we did heaps of them and each one was pretty complex and specific....think i'll have to make them up on the spot
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    ees revision work

    Everyone proberly knows this already....but the charles sturt hsc website is great for EES work.... it outlines the entire syllabus and is set out really simple and good....http://hsc.csu.edu.au/
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    in the question where we had to draw a transverse root thingy, does that mean side on, or from the top....because i think i screwed it up!! haha oh well
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    bio results

    Where can i find the answers to the biology exam???