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  1. B33FS00P

    Commerce accounting major

    Would someone be able to confirm that the accounting major in the bachelor of commerce is accredited by cpa etc, provided the correct accounting units are taken? I always thought this was the case however have seen a couple of posts stating that only the professional accounting degree is...
  2. B33FS00P

    Main round consideration

    Just confirming that when UAC says cutoff is the 4th Jan at midnight, this means after the day of the 4th, not before the day of the fourth... Sorry for the noob question.
  3. B33FS00P

    Atar Estimate Please :)

    Hey guys, thanks for your help. Ranks and marks as below; Standard Eng : 5/63, 80% Modern History : 3/23, 92% Business Studies : 1/18, 88% Economics : 3/13, 82% Gen Maths : 5/38, 80% School rank is 159 Aiming for ATAR of 83 for Commerce at Macq :)
  4. B33FS00P

    Independent Business Studies Trial

    Completed mine yesterday. Thoughts? :)
  5. B33FS00P

    Could someone help me out with an estimate?

    Careers adviser has gone on leave so i thought i might ask you guys on here for an atar estimate. Ranks and course marks below. Economics : 3/10 , 84% Business Studies : 4/23 , 87% Std English : 5/66 , 83% Gen Maths : 4/35 , 91% Modern History : 3/21 . 93% School rank ~150 Thanks in advance. :)
  6. B33FS00P

    HSC Examination

    So after continual emphasis placed on our internal rankings, i am further wondering how influential the results from the final hsc examinations would be on our ATAR. Sorry for the noob question but if someone could explain that would be very much appreciated. :D
  7. B33FS00P

    Assumed knowledge in courses

    I have noticed that many courses which i have browsed across in mq and unsw require assumed knowledge in Mathematics. So if you had done general maths for example, rather than mathematics, would you be able to cope in the course, or is a bridging course really necessary?