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  1. happyhunter

    Estimate VS Real ATAR

    Might as well start a thread like this to compare different estimations people got throughout the year. Heres mine: BOS Estimate - 86-87 ( This was mid year ) Talent 100 2015 - 86 Dux - 85 Actual: 87.3 Closest BOS member was Rathin :sun:
  2. happyhunter

    Information Digital Technology Post Exam

    I know basically no one does it but i like talking to myself. I did networking and Hardware and i thought it was easy.
  3. happyhunter

    Moderation for small gaps

    So i understand that the top exam mark, becomes the assessment mark for 1st place, however what happens to 2nd place if the gap is small. Lets say 0.3 marks. What happens to 2nd place who obviously has put as much effort in as first place? Thanks for the help, i appreciate it!
  4. happyhunter

    Can someone explain the J-curve?

    I got no idea, never seen it. Can include a picture of it and explain it with reference to exchange rates?
  5. happyhunter

    After Trials Estimate

    Give me that sweet motivation School Rank: 121 English Standard: 11/62 General Math: 13/62 Legal Studies: 6/25 Economic: 13/35 Software Design: 2/11
  6. happyhunter

    Estimation Please

    School Rank: 120's Software: 1/11 English Standard: 5/64 Legal: 8/26 Math General: 20/65 Economics: 15/35
  7. happyhunter

    Dropping to 10 Units

    Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I know this question has been asked like a million times but i can't seem to make my mind up.:spzz: English Maths Legal Economics Software Networking (TAFE) I have 12 units, which i enjoy but i wonder if i should drop to 10 next year...