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    Hsc vs trials

    Hey there, I got 99.95 in last year's HSC and found that the HSC was actually harder than trials. That was probably because of the stress, but certain papers like Advanced Paper 1 and 2, Economics and Ext 1 Maths I found difficult. On the other hand, I found English Extension 1 and 2u maths...
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    99.95 atar 2017 cheap notes

    Hey guys, I came second in the stand for Economics in 2017 with a mark of 98. I'm selling my essays (all high band 6s)- if you're interested please email me at portia.brajkovic@gmail.com. I also offer cheap essay marking for Economics and English. Thanks!
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    Let's play find the 99.95s and what school they went to

    i got 99.95, i know that two sydney grammar boys did too
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    State Rankings!

    2nd in eco and 12 in maths!
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    Post your 2017 ATAR below!

    i got 99.95 too!
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    ATAR Lower than Calculators?

    estimated 99.85/99.9 got 99.95
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    heck yeah i did! 2nd!!! so so so happy, although a little annoyed that i could have topped- i time managed so poorly in the exam and if i hadn't have done that i would have written better essays OH WELL still so happy
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    so i ended up getting 98... not sure how i feel
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    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    Eng Adv 95 EE1 48/50 EE2 47/50 (wont count) Eco 98 French Continuers 96 2u Maths 100 3u Maths 48/50
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    state rank calls!

    how do you know they're not finished @pikachu975
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    state rank calls!

    who got one? have they come out yet?
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    sydney scholars award 2018

    how did everyone go? I got put on reserve.does that just basically mean a no?
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    Coaching rates?

    i charge 40 for years 10 and below and 50 for year 11 and 12. not to be a snob, but that's what people in my area charge and what parents are willing to pay, and also I did pretty well in HSC internals (externals not released yet) so people are again willing. i think around 30 or 40 is good...
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    i don't actually know my average but i got 94 in trials if that's any indication. im not sure but my average may be 92 BUT that's not taking into account weightings. i really wanted it to happen and my teacher said i definitely could but i messed up timing in the exam so
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    what would u need to state rank eco, minimum
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    $10 Essay Marking, $50 Tutoring

    Hey there, I just graduated from Year 12 and was ranked first in English Advanced, English Ext 1, English Ext 2, Economics, French and Mathematics as well as fourth in Maths Ext 1. I am offering $10 Essay marking in Eco and all English levels, and $50 tutoring in English and Economics. PM me if...
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    2017 HSC Mathematics Paper thoughts

    yeah i got 1.
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    How do you spend the last summer holiday before the HSC?

    I'd just make sure he gets his summaries done in advance for the first two terms or so if possible, especially if he does content heavy subjects such as Economics. Just take the time to relax- he'll miss it during the year.
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    could i have an atar estimate please?

    32 for maths 2u 17 for maths 3u 5 for eng ext 1 1 for eng ext 2 10 for economics 6 for french continuers
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    could i have an atar estimate please?

    These are my internal ranks: Eng Adv: 1/97 Eng Ext 1:1/28 Eng Ext 2:1/5 Mathematics: 1/53 Maths Ext 1:4/30 Economics:1/31 French Continuers:1/12 Last year, my school was ranked 18th, and was 11th the year before. Thank you!