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  1. omni16

    Cue sports at UNSW

    Does anyone know if there happen to be any pool or snooker rooms at UNSW Kensington campus? Cheers :)
  2. omni16

    Is it worth buying a spoonfeedme course to get ahead?

    I wanted to start introducing myself to some first year accounting these holidays during the time that I'm not doing anything and was wondering if it would be worth it to purchase spoonfeedme course to expose myself to some accounting content in preparation for first sem accounting this year...
  3. omni16


    Next year I want to start a bachelor of actuarial studies with math and am therefore required to do discrete math (math1081) in first year. But I don't know how this will work out. In sem 1 I plan to do: math1151, econ1101, acct1501 and fins1613. In sem2: math1251, econ1102, acct1511 and...
  4. omni16

    Scholarship money

    Does a significant amount of scholarship money affect one's Youth Allowance? For example, if a Scientia Scholar applied for youth allowance would their payment be any lower because of their 10k/year?
  5. omni16

    Actuarial at MACQ with Merit Scholarship (12k/yr+) vs Actuarial at NSW

    For any future actuarial students, which would you pick and why?
  6. omni16

    Co-op Scholarship

    Hi, just wanted to start this thread to address some questions I've got. For the question: "Drawing on your experience or involvement in a part-time job, community or school activity, describe how you overcame a challenging situation and what you learnt from the experience." I decided to...
  7. omni16


    Hi BOS! I'm currently taking a gap year and I've been thinking about applying for a coop scholarship at unsw. The problem is I didn't do too much in year 12 besides being in the table tennis team and a drama comp. This year I've been doing a lot of volunteering and working but I'm not active in...
  8. omni16

    When is UNSW's census date?

    I wish to drop my program (due to health issues) and want to know when the census date actually is. Also, if I wish to re-enrol next year into UNSW, will I be considered as though I never went to UNSW (ie a usual high school leaver)? Will EAS bonus points still apply?
  9. omni16

    Steps to success in commerce

    For those who do well in commerce, besides obviously studying, what are the key steps are to succeeding in a commerce degree? How difficult it is to obtain and maintain a HD average in comm compared to (say) math? How time consuming is studying for commerce?
  10. omni16

    Should I do commerce (actuarial studies)/advanced maths?

    Hi, I've just completed my HSC and am now contemplating whether or not this degree would be a good choice. I enjoy maths and this degree is obviously very maths intense. Would this degree be a good idea though if I've done no business/economics subjects in high school?