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    Screen Studies....

    What do you think about it ? any other submajors I should consider?
  2. B

    Contemplating a degree change..

    I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Business at UTS and I'm starting to think that this may be a mistake. I was originally trying to decide between Business, with a major in Marketing Communications or Public Communications with an advertising major. I am a creative thinker with an...
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    How to take notes for Bbus?

    Do I go by content covered on subject outline or just by lectures?
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    Business vs communications

    For Marketing/advertising Which one is smarter to go for ?
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    Apparently first week is only lectures no tutorials?....is this true ?

    Someone told me this. I'm really confused ?
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    I have a tutorial BEFORE the lecture? Normal?

    Can this cause problems?
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    Am I guaranteed entry ?

    With bonus points, I have an ATAR of 95.95. This is including area and subject points. I want to apply for B Business ? Am I guaranteed in or not because I have used bonus points ?
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    Uts vs mq vs uws for marketing

    Which is better ?
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    Uts vs mq uni - help please

    B Marketing and Media at MQ or B Business at UTS ?
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    Which is easier ? STAT150 or STAT170

    I have to chose for my degree? I'm not the best at maths. Which should I chose?
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    What to do....

    B Business (UTS) or B Marketing and Media (MQ) Any advice?
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    How to answer government policies essay ?

    How would you answer "Identify the breadth of government policies that affect operations management ?" How would you structure and what info would you need ?
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    Is this plagiarism?

    Hey, I was having a conversation with a friend about plagiarism in the HSC. If you use techniques from a text found online, would this constitute serious plagiarism in the exam ? It's just that so many people do it from like Bored of Studies, Shmoop etc but wouldn't that mean a zero ...
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    Is there a difference???

    Between Arts/Commerce and a Bachelor or arts with a bachelor of commerce? I dont know, I just felt Mq worded their degree weirdly Thanks
  15. B

    Someone please look over practice response ? :)

    If possible, post or PM me.
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    How much math is needed to study Political Economy at Uysd

    It would be my major in a B Political, Economic and Social Science Thanks