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    OK... so who's screwed for legal!!!!??? like how long has everyone been studying for!!!!!???/
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    Court of Chancery

    Hey, with all that court of chancery (13th Century) and travelling judges stuff... how much do we need to know??? like wat was the order??? thanks! :)
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    Hey, im having heaps of trouble with consumers...... like the syllabus is all over the place.... for things such as occupational licencing - self & state, do u know heaps on the travel agents, motor dealers and stuff, or do u think id be right knowing just one and its act and for all of...
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    What did everyone think of dance, i know dance isnt hard or anything, but i still thought for core it couldve been easirer.... like i was thinking it would just be on context & character, more like last years... but unity, and the background of Ek, i had ancient this morning and didnt really...
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    Ancient's Screwed!!!!!!!

    Is anyone else finding that ANCIENT SUX!!!!! as much as i love it, i HATE studying for it!!! there's toooooooo much to know!!!! its by FAR my hardest subject & im doin legal & modern & all that crap!! Yeh.....well i can offically say im ROYALLY SCREWED for tomorrow.....and i just frekkin hope...
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    median regression lines?

    hey, anyone fully studying median regression lines - our teacher said that she doesnt think itll be in tha hsc - coz of the uproar and the difficulty in marking last years Line of Best Fit.... also - any predictions about wat will be in there - ive also been told Two Way Tables is the talk of...
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    Hey! what are we predicting for the hsc for....... -Egyptian New Kingdom Society -Akhenaten - personality -Historical Period - Amenhotep III - Ramesses II - Augustus & JulioClaudians Yeh! well..... im thinking -Society - Army, or workers -Akhenaten...
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    Past Q's/papers

    Hey, wat are some past q's (from ANY paper) for -indochina -russia -trotsky Thanks! :)
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    HSC predictions

    Hey! i was wondering what people thought this years hsc q's would be? Im thinking -children for family -sovreignty for HR's + normal hr's stuff -for crime, maybe something relevant, eg. rape - defences, and sentencing, and effectiveness stuff.... -wouldnt have a clue for consumers...
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    hey, i havent started studying for modern yet coz im hoping it wont be counted (shouldnt be) but if anyone has any notes that they wouldnt mind sending me on -ww1 -russia -trotsky -indochina i would love you for ever!!!! thanks heaps! good luck everyone for friday!:)
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    message for board of studies...

    please dont posts these sort of comments about any organisation/company.. i know you proberly dont think of it as much.. but other people may try to say its defamation.. edited by tactic..
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    King Lear - Themes

    Hey ok - so im trying to learn an entire years worth of english work in 4 days, and should be ok... (one day for trial & still got 87%! sweet as) but for King Lear, you rekon ill need to concentrate much on themes - coz i know productions will be a major section, and our own production - and...
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    Haha - hey guys, i was wondering what you think would be the best way to get a misadventure form......... something that wont compromise after HSC parties... haha - im thinking somehow get 'food poisoning' that just makes u heaps sick for 4 days, then i can miss out on ancient! haha what do u...
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    Augustus & JulioClaudians (Women)

    Hey anyone doing Aug & JC's - do you know much about women? eg, Agrippina II, Messalina, Livia etc. coz i have only one topic on rome, and im finding it really hard, and i dont know anything about those women. For this yrs HSC its my guess it will be on women as well - does anyone have any...
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    Historical Periods

    Hey im doing Augustus & the Julio claudians, and also Amenhotep III - Ramesses II Does anyone have any guesses for what they think the q's will be, and do you thinkit would be stupid to just only really study Augustus really well, and TIberius, the senate & Women... coz they are my guesses for...
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    i am in awe!

    Hey, yeh i just feel like having a complete bitch ey!!! Ive been properly studying for what - 3 days! i have a week till the HSC and im thinking, hey now im screwed....yet i figure i can just do what i did for trials, study that morning, and still get average 70%....can't be too bad right...
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    Practice Questions/Papers

    Hey If anyone did the Independent Trial, could you please tell me what the questions were for -Human Rights -Crime -Family -Consumers or any other papers/assessments. Thanks heaps! :)
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    HSC Paper

    Hey- does anyone know when the HSC is actually written? Is it before the trials are written? coz i am trying to figure out if the same q's could be asked in the catholic or independent trial as the HSC - do they look at those q's when writing the HSC??? Thanks! :)
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    Ancient Papers

    Hey! I have the Catholic trial paper, but was wondering if anyone had the independent paper or any other paper - even half yearlys. I am doing -Akhenaten -New Kingdom Eyptian Society -Amenhotep III - Ramesses II -Augustus & the Julio Claudians Thankyou heaps! :)
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    English Questions

    Hey, i am looking for past questions on: -Change -Emma/Clueless -King Lear -Frontline I did the Catholic Trial, but was wondering if any one could please post the q's for independent trial, or even half yearlys Thanks heaps!:)