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  1. Lina3

    Sydney Winter School-Worth it?

    I've just been offered a Winter School scholarship for one of my Semester 2 Units of Study, and I'm not sure whether to accept it. It is a partial scholarship. Instead of $3600 I'll be paying around the same amount as a semester 2 UoS (maybe even a little more), so there is really no financial...
  2. Lina3

    Does a source that you often refer to need constant in text referencing?

    Just a quick question. I'm writing a critical article review of an journal article. Naturally, I always refer to the author of that article as I consider their main points eg "Smith claims that..." "Smith's assertion is that..." what I want to ask, is do I need to use the year each time I...
  3. Lina3

    Is it ok to still keep custumising your timetable?

    I recently changed a time for one of my tutorials and am a bit worried that because I left it so late they won't have me on their rolls and I may be marked as absent by my old tutorial class. Could this happen? Is it a bad thing that I changed it do late?
  4. Lina3

    How safe is Redfern?

    There are some nights when I may have to make my way home at around 9:30 pm, since I live about 50 mins away from the uni I fear that it may be an issue. Normally, I catch the train there and back...but there is no way I am doing that at almost 10 at night, especially since the station is right...
  5. Lina3

    Does WHERE you get your degree from really matter?

    I've seen this debate a lot in light of the commencement of University and am really curious about what you guys on BoS think. Since more people are entering university than ever before (at least in the history of the Western culture anyway), do graduates from a Go8 have an better chance of...
  6. Lina3

    ID Card Questions

    I've enrolled on February 3rd, and just uploaded my photo for the ID last night. I know on the site it said I must have done this within 72 hours of enrollment, but I did it after about 76-78 hours. There won't be an issue will there? I recieved the automatic email saying my submission is...
  7. Lina3

    PLEASE HELP! How do Majors/Minors work?

    I'm doing Music/Arts. My time table is completed an all, and Music seems to be fine. However, with arts, I want to major in History and minor in English. Originally, I put to enroll in both History and English but that (when combined with music) meant that my Max UoC per semester has been...
  8. Lina3

    What sort of procedures are to be expected tonight?

    Provided you get the offer for your chosen course in UNSW, what must we do once we accept it? *Will we need to choose our classes? Is it best to do it tonight so they won't get full? *Would we be required to fill out information about HECS? Thanks and sorry for all the questions :P
  9. Lina3

    Part-time work during uni

    I am thinking of looking for a casual job atm but feel a little hesitant since I am unsure what the workload will be once uni starts. Next year I am doing a double degree if I get the offer for it (nothing too heavy, its Music/Arts) and would also like a decent social life, as well as sufficient...
  10. Lina3

    Is it possible for a person ranked 2nd internally to get a higher HSC mark?

    ^ This has happened to me in one of my subjects. I was ranked 1st and the person ranked 2nd got a higher HSC mark than me. Just wondering...is this ever possible in any circumstance?
  11. Lina3

    ATAR estimate please :( (genuinely worried)

    Please, is it possible to meet 90 with the following? I'm really worried about the whole scaling thing and that my marks will get taken down :( Ancient 90 b6 English Advanced 89 b5 Mathematics 82 b5 History Extension 44 E3 English Extension 46 E4 Music 2 80 b5
  12. Lina3

    Assesment Ranks dissapeared from Students Online

    I went on the Students Online website today. While I could access my Assessment Ranks before, the link has now turned into just a black heading that I can't click on (ie can't see the page with my ranks on it). Could there be something wrong? I know there probably isn't but I just want to make sure.
  13. Lina3

    General Thoughts: Music 2

    Any thoughts? It was a pretty fair exam I reckon. Question 1: Love Schubert, so it was pretty good. No surprises. Question 2: The Handel oboe concerto was beautiful...shame I couldn't transcribe it :( Question 3: Ehh fine but didn't like the 5 marker at the back, there was too much to talk...
  14. Lina3

    How many paragraphs? (Urgent question)

    I don't know why this hasn't occured to me to ask this before, but is it accetable to write three paragraphs instead of four (in any of the modules)? For example, in belonging I have two on my main text and 1 slightly bigger one on my related. Same with my conflicting perspectives essay. Is this...
  15. Lina3

    Is this happening to anyone at the moment??

    Every time I go onto the BoS homepage by typing the address in the address bar, it seems to redirect me to www.chatod.com, some strange chatroom thing. I only managed to get on here by googling the Bored of Studies site and clicking links that redirect me to specific sections of the forum.
  16. Lina3

    (Somewhat) controversial crime writing piece: Should I write a disclaimer?

    One of my Extension short stories is from the view point of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. Some of the story is concerned with his musings as to the nobility of his cause (ie the return of slavery) and his willingness to commit a heinous crime to free the US from the...
  17. Lina3

    Music HSC Performance

    Did mine today :) Pieces were fine, aside from relatively negligible hiccups caused by nerves it was ok. Stuffed up sight singing though -_- I know its only the first day and the majority would not have done it, but if you have post your reactions. I'm curious to know what you guys thought.
  18. Lina3

    Please give an ATAR estimate :)

    I know this board has been flooded with these lately. That's probably the reason I am doing this, since it made me even more curious. School Rank: Somewhere between 110 and 130 (Partially Selective) English Advanced: 2/32 (2 marks behind the 1st ranked person) English Ext 1: 1/10 Ancient...
  19. Lina3

    What does it take to get a high band 6?

    I know it might be different for each module, but would someone be able to tell me some general aspects that differentiate a high band 5 or low band 6 essay from a work that gets full marks? My last English Advanced task is a hand-in essay. Throughout the year I have gotten a few low band 6's...
  20. Lina3

    Should I confront my teacher about this?

    Today, I went to see my History Extension teacher to get my project and trial exam marks back. He showed them to me first and congratulated me on my results (42/50 for trial and 28/30 for project). Then, he went over to the computer to record them. He took quite a while and I was waiting and...