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    How much is it necessary to prepare for each speech, on the chance that they prescribe it? And would it be possible to disregard Deane's completely, as it was prescribed last year? I have a couple of main speeches I prefer to talk about (Sadat and Lessing), but I'm not sure to what extent I'll...
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    Flash Cards Advice??

    So for Japanese Continuers, there's a lot of prescribed kanji (Chinese characters) that I need to learn to read, write and recognise. However, I don't know what to make the flash cards on, which is a slight problem. Would anyone be able to suggest things that I could use to make the flash...
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    Kellogg's Case Study for AFI??

    Did anyone do/is anyone doing Kellogg's as their case study?? If so, would you happen to have any resources/summaries etc. that could be potentially useful? Thanks, Chris :)