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    wileyplus physics

    do you guys know where to get manual solutions for wileyplus fundamentals of physics because they only show the answers and not any steps? thank you
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    assignment and electrical engineering labs

    Did anyone from last year or the year before do an eng com report for the EWB challenge called (2aii), idk if its the called this in the previous years. If you did could you please message me pls. ALso, for electrical engineering labs,there is a lab test what do you do in the test? if any knows...
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    changing courses

    Is it possible to transfer to a different course before the census date?
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    GOvernment forms

    When I accepted enrolment ands stuff, i filled out the form for request for commenwealth assistance HECS-HELP form. Do we have to fill out the optional form of FEE-HELP to pay for tuition. Also i got an E-invoice regarding the fees for tutorials and payment for safety. Do I need to do anything...
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    Engineering communicaiton fulll

    Hey, one of my subs for Elec Engineering, Engineering communcations tuts are taken. There are no leftovers. So what do I do now?
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    Elec engineering subjects

    SO i received an offer at UTS and I need some advise on choosing the subjects. Also, im thinking about doing fundamentals of physics. Would this work out? thanks
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    subject questions

    If i pick foundation maths and foundation physics for elec engineering, does it pull me back and take longer to finish the degree. If i select it, how do i catch up in 'mm1' and physics modelling? Thanks
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    Elec engineering

    I got my ATAR, and I was wondering if UTS OR UNSW Better for Elec engineering. I only did adv maths, so I was just wondering if there is a class for that lets you catch up with the rest of students. Thanks.
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    uni question

    do university give you offers based on your atar, or do they take into account of the subjects you did, excluding bonus points? thanks
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    What are everyone thoughts about IPT scaling this year?
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    TPS-5 marker

    Did we we or did we not need to use the RFID tag?
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    Wrong ordering

    I feel like an idiot, I have this feeling that I ordered the booklets the wrong way, like page 1/5 ,page 2/5. But the paragraphs continue from the first booklet into the second one, so I'm a bit worried, I feel like an idiot. Do they just mark it as is, or do they try figure if it out. If they...
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    Student number

    What happens if they can't rea your student number properly, Life if it's messy is it game over ?
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    I think I wrote the question number on the booklet. Instead of 2(a) I wrote 1 (a) . But I wrote frankenstein and Balderunner on the front.would this be a problem?
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    Just want to see if it is community

    Hey, I just wanted to know if my story was remotely appropriate for the question So it was about a guy who was obsessed with his work, and does not have time for his family, and stuff . He takes a break, and goes to the hill (like a place they used to visit together as a family). He gets...
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    Early entry question

    I applied for electrical engineering and electrical engineering/commerce in early entry .if I get denied entry into to jus electrical engineering, does that mean I am denied entry into electrical engineering/ commerce. Thanks,
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    Electrical engineering

    I am thinking of applying for electrical engineering /(maybe) business I only do 2 unit math and no physics. Would it be difficult? . I am planning to do a bridging course and do some study over the holidays after the hsc. and what topics of the hsc/prelim physics go into the...
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    Atar question

    Subject ipt I'm 6th in ipt, and the differences between my position and second Is two percent. And first by five percent, I believe. What happens if this what they get in their hsc exam. 1st-90 2-83 3-76 4-74 5-71 6- 88( mine) Basing this on the trials. I am ranked 6th-...
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    Atar estimate for friend

    School rank :260 1/8 -chemistry 1/18 -modern history 1/43-advanced english 1/3-history extension 1/27 -SOR 2 2/27-Biology
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    Confused about marking criteria

    What happens if the question asks you to 'describe' a theory, but in the marking criteria it only asks you to 'identify'. And I on,y identified, would I be able to get a mark for that.