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    Where can I buy/download MATLAB? Preferably looking for some place that's not too expensive.
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    Too tired of travel

    It takes me about 2- 2.5 hours to travel to USYD (one way) every day, and I'm finding myself getting too exhausted. I know it's only been a week, but I think i'm already behind in work, and too tired to even think about doing anything :\ By the way, I'm completely broke, so no chance of...
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    :D Who LOVES their course?

    There are so many threads out there where people complain about the course they are doing or just uni in general. I thought it would be refreshing for people to discuss: 1. what course you do 2. what you LOVE about your course. I may be a naiive 09er, but I'm hoping I can say all good...
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    Top School Predictions

    I noticed there was a thread for 2009 top school predictions for the VCE but not for HSC (at least not one that im aware of)! :D What do you guys reckon the ranking would be like for this year? :) 1. James Ruse (ha!) 2. 3. . . . 10. ? etc. This is last years...