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  1. Karlee

    How long before the end did you leave?

    I was the last person in my exam to finish, and even I finished an hour before the end! In my experience, Senior Science exams are usually pretty quick, and you can always finish them before the time's up. The ladies supervising the exam thought it was really odd that everyone left so early...
  2. Karlee

    Slow writers

    I'm such a slow writer, and it really hinders me in essay writing. In 40 minutes, I can only produce about 2 pages if I'm lucky. I heard you can get a scribe if you're a slow writer. How would you go about getting one, and what criteria would you have to meet? Also, does anyone have any tips...
  3. Karlee

    History and memory- Life is Beautiful

    Hey, does anyone have some notes or a summary on Life Is Beautiful? It's a real bitch, not many schools are doing it. :( By the way, if anyone's doing History and Memory, a good supplementary material is Rabbit Proof Fence, and Alfred's Hitchcock's Marnie, is also quite good.
  4. Karlee

    Private schools get longer stuvac?

    Hey, I don't know whether this is true, so I was wondering if someone could clear this up for me? Is it true private schools finished last week, therefore getting 4 weeks stuvac, when everyone else gets only 3 weeks? If that's true, isn't that a little bit unfair? :confused: