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    Post-HSC ATAR estimate

    School rank: 24th Median atar: 91 Cohort ranks (i could only find % b6) Eng adv: 75/160, 30% b6 Eng ex: 14/40, 39% b6 Modern history: 19/38, 22% b6 History ex: 13/13, 80% top 2 bands Legal: 7/38, 58% b6 General maths: 14/16, 70% b6 For HSC, felt pretty confident for legal and modern...
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    What does illness/misadventure cover?

    The NESA website isn't that clear about what cases illness/misadventure can be used, so i was wondering whether anyone here knows specifics/has experience filing one. I've heard that in the case of illness, it has to be so severe that it would warrant hospitalisation. And that mental illness...
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    Modern History Essay Predictions

    Hey guys, Any ideas on what essay questions they might ask? Here are ones my teacher predicted: WWI: - Changing attitudes of soldiers + homefront - Total war Personality: - Part I: Describe personal background + historical context (apparently it hasn't been asked in a while and 3 sig events...
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    Doing well in 5 units, badly in other 5. ATAR Estimate?

    School ranking: 2017=24th, 2016=17th, 2015=22nd My school's median ATAR in 2017 was 91/92 (can't remember) Subject, Rank, 2017 %b6, 2017 #b6 English Adv: 75/160, 30% b6, 41 b6 Eng Ex: 14/40, 39% b6, 15 b6 Legal: 6/38, 58% b6, 19 b6 Modern: 26/39, 22% b6, 8 b6 Gen Maths: 14/16, 70% b6, 7...
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    Just studying half the modern syllabus points?

    Hi guys, So my modern trial is in 2 days and tbh i haven't really studied much at all. However, my modern teacher has been really helpful with trying to reduce our workload, and he confirmed for sure about a few dot points that WON'T be in the trial: - WWI: Spring offensive + Allied...
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    School said they're giving me 0 if a miss a trials exams

    Most schools seem to give an estimate mark if a student misses a trial exam. However, my school said that if i miss one i'll get an automatic 0. They said that they're not allowed to give estimates and that other schools are breaking the rules. I'm worried that my school is incorrect, as i've...
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    Can trials still be completed after the exam block?

    Hi, Do any of you know what will happen if i don't finish all my exams during the two week exam block? My school uses invigilators, so they definitely won't be able to monitor 'catch-up' exams after the block. I'm a bit sick, not sure if i should just cop it and do the exam or not on...
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    Do schools actually use Invigilators in trials?

    ^ I was surprised when my school mentioned it since i didn't realise it would be that hardcore. Wondering just cause i get really bad exam anxiety so i'd like to know beforehand if there are unfamiliar people watching us (idk if that makes any sense, just trying to calm my nerves i guess) My...
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    How to write World Order notes?

    Hi! Wondering if any of you guys have advice on how to write/structure notes on the options, world order and family in particular. I read somewhere that the first dotpoints aren't necessary since we won't have short answers questions or mc. How should i write notes to maximise efficiency...
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    Can i write my essay and then choose my question?

    So for my history extension major assignment, i keep diverting from my original question. Can i just write my essay and then decide on the question it suits? Or would this result in my essay being kinda all over the place where the points don't directly link to each other? Thanks!
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    Are the Macquarie revision guides any good?

    Specifically for humanities subjects e.g. Legal studies + business studies? Thanks!
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    Is it possible to apply for extensions for assignments?

    I remember in junior years we had a procedure for applying for extensions, but i don't know if this applies for year 12.
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    I don't understand why i'm doing so badly in general maths

    Hey guys, For the first exam i got 62% and the second, 70%. I'm currently ranked 52/60. These marks are definitely poor, especially for a subject which is supposed to be quite simple. I don't really understand why i'm getting these marks? I do all my homework and i did past papers, so plenty of...
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    How can i make the most of my time?

    Hi everyone! I have my business exam next Tuesday so i have the easter break to study. I don't celebrate easter or anything and i just know that i'm going to waste it and procrastinate. I'll be able to finish my notes by saturday so i'll have the full day's of sunday and monday. Since...
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    Teacher accidentally gave me extra time during exam?

    So i'm having a moral dilemma here. My exam's are done under disability provisions, and today my legal half-yearlies was assessed with another student who was doing business studies. His exam was 1hr 50 mins while mine was only 1 hr 30 mins. The supervising teacher (not my teacher) probably...