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  1. PRSOV

    MSN Messenger problem

    Hello, Everytime I attempt to log-in to my account on MSN messenger I get the following message and I quote exactly: "MSN Messenger We are unable to sign you in to the .NET Messenger service, possibly because of a problem with your Internet connection. Please try again later...
  2. PRSOV

    Motivation - Goal setting.

    Ive been reading that some students want advice about goal setting, but I decided to make this in its own thread because I think its important, I would like to add my 2 cents. I reckon if you only know one thing about goal setting it should be this regardless of whether you apply it to your...
  3. PRSOV

    The skunks who get a UAI of 100

    I know what kind of HSC Exam marks you need to get for a UAI of 100.00, do your assessment marks need to be 100 or around the 98-100 mark also ?!? I.e leniency...?!?
  4. PRSOV

    UAIs and Limited UAIs ?!?

    Hi, I was wondering what is a limited UAI and what the difference is between a UAI and a limited UAI, thanks.
  5. PRSOV

    A UAI of 105.00

    With some universities allowing an extra 5.00 points towards courses what happens to those who get a UAI above 95.05 does that mean they allow them a 100 UAI ? or 105 UAI ?
  6. PRSOV

    Have a cry...

    Why are there so many people on these forums crying because they only got a UAI of 96.5 or 98.95...It really seems to beat me that you get in the top 5% of the state and all you do is whinge about it, the majority of the state gets under 90.00 so wtf are you guys crying about ? its pathetic...
  7. PRSOV

    HSC Marks for a UAI of 80+

    Hi, I just wanted to get some of your advice on what marks would be needed in the following subjects to get a UAI of at least 70.00.. and 80.00 thx, this is for a friend who doesnt have internet access... Mathematics 2U English Std Studies of Religion I Information Proccesses and...
  8. PRSOV

    University Preferences..

    Here are the courses I applied for after finalising and changing a few of my preferences; Others please post up what you applied for... :D - B Medical Science/B Law at UTS, UAI C/O: 97 or so - B Engineering (Civil) at Sydney University, UAI C/O: 78.45 - B Engineering (Civil)...
  9. PRSOV

    Your UAI prediction...

    After all the UAI prediction threads, what UAI do you believe you will score?...in a band type result
  10. PRSOV

    One of the most important dates....

    When does UAC sent out letters or call people to know what or if they have gotten into any preferences for University, I suppose you could say when do you find out if you have been successful in your application or not, Cheers, PR
  11. PRSOV

    How to say?

    How do you say water in French ?
  12. PRSOV

    Subject scalings?

    I was wondering if someone could post up a list of all the HSC subjects in order, and how much each one is scaled up or down..... ie. English Extension 1 -- .... Mathematics Extension 2-- .... Thanks :)
  13. PRSOV

    Pop-up Killers

    hi, In the past few weeks pop-up adds seemed to have gotten so much worse on my computer for some unknown reason...they are always annoying the hell outta me... Is there anywhere you can get a free, good pop-up stopper or killer that will get rid of them once and for all...and ones they...
  14. PRSOV

    Three things ?

    What are the three things you couldn't live without? Me: Car House Food hehe
  15. PRSOV

    User Status

    I was wondering how you change the status under your username I think mine currently says "assisstant member" and I see others that look customized...how can I change it ? Thanks :)
  16. PRSOV

    The highest UAI cutoff

    Just been looking through the UAC uni course guide to see one international business degree with a UAI cut-off of 99.95...I mean about 94 people in the state are gonna get that.. :( Are there any courses with a cut-off of 100.00 ?
  17. PRSOV

    UAI prediction

    Hi, I never thought I would ask this but I was wondering If I could get a predicted UAI from the following, and no I cant afford to purchase that uai seeker... Anyway here are my final raw trial marks and rankings: English Advanced English Paper 1 - 82% English Paper 2 (Modules) - 86%...
  18. PRSOV

    Studentsonline.nsw.edu.au working ?

    Does the website www.studentsonline.nsw.edu.au work for anyone, I cant seem to get it to work...When i type it in the "cannot display page message" is displayed though the BOS claims that the internet site is now online :S
  19. PRSOV

    Boredofstudies exam forums: Doing more harm than good?

    I know its good to discuss after exams what answers you got for that particular exams and to make any relevant comments about the exam, but I always find out what mistakes I made from the exam my discussing on these forums, "DOHHHHHH" What are your thoughts? does disecting an exam after its...
  20. PRSOV

    UAI scaling variables...

    When the UAC people calculate a UAI for a HSC candidate what variables do they consider to the calculation of a UAI... I.e - hsc marks, assessment marks and so on ? any others ?