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    What's a "good mark"

    I'm reading through all these posts, and getting just that little bit freaked out by everyone saying they reckon they aced it. So, for the record... What's acing it? What do you guys consider to be a "good mark"? What mark are y'all hoping to get out of this? :bomb:
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    Prac Questions

    Does anyone else have the problem that they have no prac questions to practice with? Yes? Okay, well, let's start up a collection thread of questions and such. It'd be a huge help for heaps of people, I'm sure. And if anyone has any questions of Dramatic Traditions is Australia or Irish...
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    HELP! Dropping subjects

    Hi all, Quick, yet very important question: is it still possible to drop subjects? Yes, I realise that the HSC is only a term away, and it may seem kind of pointless, but I'm currently doing 12 (extremely time consuming) units, and if I keep them all, I'm not going to be able to do any of...
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    The suckyness of simultaneous equations - please help!

    Hi guys, I'm sure that y'all probably have better things to do...but would anyone be able to help me with this problem?! I've been struggling for ages...thank you soooooo much! solve simultaneously: 3^x + 3^y = 10/3 3^(x+y) = 1 thanks again...even a couple of helpful tips would...