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    Acct1501 past quiz questions !

    remember the characteristics of revenue, if you recieve economic benefits upon the delievery of goods/services its an asset as it satisfies all the requirements. When you sell a product, even if you didn't get cash it may have been on credit, it may have been a promise to do some job ("other...
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    LAWS1052 in-class test

    firstly Laz thanks a million for the help, really, good on ya! About settlement, indeed i have to go through and sort it out, but i would just like to know if you think that it's as big of an issue as the rule of law, equity and public policy. ta :)
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    LAWS1052 in-class test

    Laz i read your response about the rule of law, it's very nicely written i must say...i reckon you lost your marks because you focused more on whether or not the decision complied with the rule of law, rather than what the judge considered with respect to the rule of law (i.e. concepts of the...
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    Highest UAI at your school

    Rose Bay Secondary College (Vaucluse Campus) - 99.40
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    HSC 2003 CAINERS!! What is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT tip u cud give for hsc 04?

    study hard develop good strong sense of guilt for when you cbf studying be competitive aim for the sky pray and go to synagogue (99.40)
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    UAI numbers and percentages

    oh beauty thanks
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    UAI numbers and percentages

    yo any way in which i can find out how many people or what percentage of students got over 99 in this year's HSC? pls
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    2003 UAIs

    99.40 :p
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    Esl Hsc Marks

    irony is sweet ain't it yes it is 91 as well survivor don't be sad it's a band 6
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    post ur HSC legal marks here!

    BASTARD 95 public school
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    uai seeker

    I gather that you're counting on a 100? 97.6 is meh? arrogance.
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    Prediction of novelty subjects HSC

    na i didn't top it the highest was 100. that's good, i mean 95-96 is what i need for law as a full paying student, thanks y'all, now all that's left is actually achieving band 6's all around *gulp*
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    Prediction of novelty subjects HSC

    My subjects and expected HSC marks are as follows: ESL English- band 6 (low-middle) Business Studies- high band 5 or low band 6 Legal Studies- band 6 (low-middle) Modern Hebrew Continuers- 98 (finished last years) Classical Hebrew Continuers- high band 5 or low band 6 Classicla Hebrew...
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    Does anyone do both Consumers and Family?

    family owns, consumer not as much but it's quite alrite. i enjoyed it overall.
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    Whos Smarter? Private or Public School in Legal?

    Nuf said. If you really believe that then, in my opinion, it's worse than anything anyone can ever say about you :(
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    The B.O.S. is stupid....

    rather, wrong, they're all teachers over there....
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    How'd u find that exam?

    i hate business my worst subject yuck
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    my answers, all questions

    :D tru dat brotha!
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    my answers, all questions

    WOW. How wrong are you! Because I don't take my freedom and quality of life for granted do i have to stand up for my freedom and others' from people like Pauline Hanson who seek to drive me out. I attack her based on the things she says and based on her history because they are, naturally, an...
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    Putting the debate over question 19 to rest

    I wonder why the chapter about anti discrimination is brought in the text book under the topic of employment relations then;). If discrimination doesn't relate to how you treat your workers then what does it come under, how you treat your short term assets?... As i've mentioned, anti...