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    physics in focus cd?

    hey does anyone have the physics in focus hsc cd files? i bought the book but it didnt come with the cd and i realised the cd had answers :eek: much thanks :) and please... Be safe...
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    Differences and similarities between the 3 HSC dot point books

    DOT POINT H.S.C. PHYSICS by Brian Shadwick DOT POINT H.S.C. PHYSICS INVESTIGATIONS by Brian Shadwick DOT POINT H.S.C. PHYSICS: MULTIPLE CHOICE by Brian Shadwick What are the differences between each book. Advantages/disadvantages? Final recommendation?
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    Best 3U maths textbook for year 11

    hey im in year 11 and wondering what is easiest textbook to learn from for extension maths. I have the cambridge one and its not really good imo. I dont have a good maths teacher so I need a textbook that I can basically learn all the topics on my own