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  1. pcreedy

    Complex Numbers

    :giddy:Tip 1057: Only attach the +2pi to the argument, when about to find the nth root. Otherwise always leave it off (use principal argument).
  2. pcreedy

    Blitz the HSC in 2003

    Ready to get serious about HSC preparation ??:cool: How do I name those long carbon compounds again? Oh yes, and what was a mole, anyway? For help with chemistry for Sydney students visit hsccoaching.cjb.net.:D
  3. pcreedy

    How can I gain 10% in my physics mark.. ?

    by doing only 30 mins work? :cool: Learn the SI units! You will gain 10%, I promise. It only takes 30 mins to memorise them and you will never lose marks through these errors again. For further info on how SI units get you marks see HSC Success :D Good luck to all !
  4. pcreedy

    Physics is FUN !

    Well it can be, when ya cut out all the fluffy stuff:cool: If you want to squeeze those extra marks by getting some live, 99% fat-free, physics coaching leading up to the HSC, visit HSC Success :D for some more info. The HSC prep lessons are very focussed, and look at a study strategy...
  5. pcreedy

    Private Coaching for Maths Ext2 - Sydney

    Just follow the link.. <link removed>