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    Less of a shock than 2 unit

    It was alright but less of a shock than 2 unit. I reckon it was suppose to be a hard test but the BOS received topo many complaints from the 2 unit paper so they changed it..lol
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    Question 3 c

    Did we need to use binomial probability?
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    How did you three unit guys find the 2 unit exam?

    I do three unit and I found the 2 unit pretty hard..i mean it was alright but some kiiller questions. Did you 3 unit guys find it hard too?? Do you also think the three unit would be fucked up like this one?
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    How many speeches did you do for module B?

    I did three. I was so happy they did not specify a speech becuase I only knew 3 of them. I did: - No evil can happen to a good man - Gettyburg's Address and - I have a dream