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  1. omigodwhenover

    Predict ur maximum raw mark

    Here's what i think i could have got; WWI: 25/25 :) Germany: 22/25 Albert Speer 24/25 Arab-israeli: 22/25 TOTAL: 93% let me stress that thats the MAX not the min lol! Its hard to tell but i feel pretty confident, which is good considering ive stuffed everything else...
  2. omigodwhenover

    tomorrow's exam

    hey evrybodi if u have time tomorrow, circle ur multiple choice on the question sheet as well so when u take it out u can post up ur answers and we can compare plz. Thanks
  3. omigodwhenover


    hey, i have recently discovered i am able to write about a million times faster with a felt tip pen. I am a little worried that they will go through the paper in those crappy board of studies booklets. Will it make a yucky print on the next page, cuz i know the paper is a lot thinner than...
  4. omigodwhenover

    Arab-Israeli syllabus point

    Hey I'm just making notes for arab-israeli and doing them pretty much to the syllabus and ive only got a very small amount of information for the following syllabus point political and social issues in Arab-Israeli relations in 1967So far ive just got pan-Arab nationalism, growth of Palestinian...
  5. omigodwhenover

    Someone PLease Help

    u know in question 3 in Paper One, the essay. How the hell do you link the texts. What kind of links are you supposed to find?? Im so confused with this and I can never get it right. These links...how do you slide them into your essay...PLEASE HELP!!!!
  6. omigodwhenover


    when you study do you record the exact time you stop and start so you can know EXACTLY how long do you studied, or do you go meh that was about an hour and just estimate. Also how long on average do you study and realistically what UAI do you hope to achieve with this effort?
  7. omigodwhenover

    Progress so far?

    What topics/modules have u covered so far in bio and how far are u through ur current one. Im unsure if i will finish in time?? I have done Maintaining a Balance and Blueprint and Im up to Section 3 of Search for Better Health. You?
  8. omigodwhenover

    Fake UAI

    put ur 1/2 yearly results into SAM and post what uai u get. Just for fun...mine is 95.6:eek:
  9. omigodwhenover

    Complete Prelim Bio course summary + pracs

    I wasn't going to post this cuz kadlil already did one but i noticed his were missing some dot points and they didnt have the pracs so here is mine is you want it
  10. omigodwhenover

    Bio: Science Ollympiad

    is anyone from yr 11 doing the Olympiad, i dont really want to cuz i thought it was for yr 12s but my teacher put me in without asking so... anyone else?
  11. omigodwhenover

    Legal Studies question

    Does anyone know what discretionary power is? Like the police using discretionary power?
  12. omigodwhenover

    Anyone know if this is true?

    The other day in class my teacher told me that he used to teach down in Newcastle and during one HSC exam a kid had a stroke and died during the exam. Our teacher is a bit of a liar but how scary if it happened. i guess that would relally screw your marks
  13. omigodwhenover

    What the hell does context mean???

    I'm probably just really stupid but i find it really hard to understand. All I know is that it gives meaning to something and i know the different types but how would you use it in an essay or something? how would you use it in a sentence. Please help
  14. omigodwhenover

    How many in your classes

    I was just wondering how many people are in all your classes. At my school the class sizes are quite large and its takes like 20mins of the lesson just for the teacher to shut up the class so he can start teaching. English - 24 students Maths - about 20 Biology - 23 Ancient History - 25...
  15. omigodwhenover

    Biology useful sites

    Biology is my best subject and i was just wondering if there are any useful sites anyone knows about and also was wondering where you are up to? at the moment our teacher is really slow and we are still doing all the stuff on cells. I found a couple of good sites in the excel book...