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    atar estimate plz

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    James Ruse Admissions

    I recommend not trying out because James Ruse tend to prioritise those who go to a good school.
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    ATAR estimate please

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    help for subject choices

    Drop Ancient History and SOR and pick up Eco and Business Stds.
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    ATAR Estimate PLEASE

    If you improve Maths or English you can definitely hit 92. You're even looking at 95+ if you improve both by a bit.
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    ATAR Estimate PLEASE

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    ATAR Estimate??

    Better than yours. You're just giving people wrong info just to be an arse or you're just downright lazy.
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    Help a fellow yr10

    Sim City
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    ATAR Estimate??

    Mid to High 80s (i.e. 85-90)
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    Any good Year 10 textbooks for English and Maths?

    No point buying textbooks but if you want to I can reccomend some. You can't buy a textbook for english since every school has a different syllabus but if you want to, you can find one that suits the things you'll cover in the year for english. For maths there are Cambridge, Insight, and Mathscape.
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    How do I tell my dad I want to drop chem??

    So I can tell you have a helicopter dad. So, put your dad in a good mood (it's OK if you don't but it'll certainly help). Next, start slowly by telling your dad, "Listen. Dad. Can I tell you something". Then you say, "I want to drop chem. If you want me to get a good ATAR, I need to drop chem"...
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    Textbook is wrong. I think they thought by using alternate angles straight away, theta is 37. Definitely 53 degrees.
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    atar estimate asap

    High 80s.
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    Best English Tutoring Colleges

    If you have no tutoring college recommendations for English then tell me if you were a state ranking English student (for Advanced or higher) or former HSC marker for English (not ESL or Standard).
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    Best English Tutoring Colleges

    And Prime Education seems alright. Is it good?