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    I can't acccess the site

    I can't login to UAC. It just keeps loading!!!
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    General Exam Thoughts

    So what did everyone think of the exam? Multiple choice was pretty good, with only 2/3 being difficult. Short answers were excellent and very easy, although the last 7 marker would have surely confused some people. The organic geology option was good, although I know I lost at least 1 mark...
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    General Exam Thoughts

    Multiple choice was good. Short answers were good. However then we get to the essays. Ecosystems at risk essay needed 2 ecosystems (only ever done previously in 2001), but luckily I had 2 but I'm sure some people will have been caught out. For the urban dynamics question, and 2 urban...
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    The BOS exam ook specifically states you are allowed to take string into the Geography exam. Check it out yourself.
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    Stimulus book

    For an exam such as Geography are we allowed to write on the stimulus nook? Can we keep the stimulus book and take it?
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    2007 Questions

    Q13: Why is the answer A? Q22 a) How do you do this? Q22 b) ii) Whats this answer? Q 27 a/b) How do you work this out, especially the calculation?
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    PPM to gram

    How do I convert PPM to grams, and then grams to PPM?
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    2007 Hsc, Q 8

    With the 2007 HSC Question number 8, why is the answer D? I've read Andrew Harvey's explanation, but do not fully understand why it is D and not Say C.
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    Few questions

    I've got a few questions that I hope you will be able to help answer for me. Say I am ranked 3rd in Chemistry. If in the HSC exam, I come first out of my school, does the person ranked 1st get my HSC exam mark, and I get the 3rd best HSC exam mark? Likewise if I totally screwed up in the exam...
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    Australian Citizenship

    I am a New Zealand citizen and have lived in Australia for the past five and a half years, having moved here in May, 2003. How long does it take to get Australian citizenship? I.e could I obtain it before Semester 1 of Uni starts next year so I could use HECS-HELP? What are the requirements...
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    UAC Application - Between hours of 7:30 am and midnight

    I was reading the UAC book about how to apply before, and wondered why you can only apply online through UAC between the hours of 7:30 AM and midnight?
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    Paying for university

    I wish to go to University in New South Wales (where I am currently completing HSC), although I am extremely worried about the costs. I am a New Zealand citizen (and permanent Australian resident) and hence not able to use HECS-HELP and defer my fees. I'm not rich, and as I understand, fees...