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  1. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    Made a passing joke about Tinder today to someone. Ended up being announced over a megaphone to a whole room because it was their favourite comment of the day. Fun uni daiz <3
  2. LoveHateSchool


    UTS have generous bonus point schemes. If you want to do Engineering, doing Engineering at another uni rather than this other random course seems more intuitively logically. Course first, and then ideally the best uni for that course/you. Not cherry picking the uni first.
  3. LoveHateSchool

    Bachelor of Science (Advanced) & Bachelor of Science @ USYD

    No Adv Sci is a pretty common pathway for med. Pharmacy you'll end with a much more narrow study than med sci and more so than adv sci/sci (not that narrow is bad if you really like Pharmacy). -- For OP, as a current USYD student in this area. Adv Sci seems really ramped up from what you see...
  4. LoveHateSchool

    Difference between Med and Adv Science for Medicine?

    I think Advanced Sci is good for a number of students because: A) you have more scope to do courses in the three sciences that are tested in GAMSAT B) You have more variety to hopefully chose what will grant you the highest WAM/GPA (including those nice elective spots for nice units from other...
  5. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    The excellent Sydney Student system had me enrolled in a random sixth unit I had withdrawn from over a year ago LOL (but was unseeable to me until uni was like how did you manage to enrol in 36 cp in one semester) </3 Sydney Student
  6. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    You don't defer your fees to HECs? You should only have to pay the SA fee date (for one course) iirc. It's a fault in SS to be debited twice. Um unless you have SA help?
  7. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    Sydney Student is so screwed with transcripts atm. But if you drop the combined part of your degree or from a stream (say Adv) the credit points do count for their value. Oddly enough, anything you have to apply for UAC (say to pick up a combined degree) they credit it but it's like...
  8. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    I did 36cp of Adv (6cp of SSP). Everything but my maffs LOL Dem feels when it's not even compulsory in first year.
  9. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    One of my subjects recently realised they screwed their weighting spreadsheet up and had to change all the marks. No scaling for Adv </3
  10. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    The field school you can enrol separately, the 7 month thing is a tranche under NCP that includes the field school.
  11. LoveHateSchool

    crappy 92 what can I do

    My friend got into dentistry with a ~70 ATAR after a year of nursing with very good GPA at Griffith. A 92 still has a lot of play and fades to insignificance after a year of uni.
  12. LoveHateSchool

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread 2014.

    Isn't this for the 7 month immersions? Or is the field school app due as well on Aug 20? I got the app for the 7 month immersions emailed, but what about the field school, how do we apply for that?
  13. LoveHateSchool

    May I please have the Hot Dog de Wheels? Extra cheese pls

    May I please have the Hot Dog de Wheels? Extra cheese pls
  14. LoveHateSchool

    How to get ahead for year 12?

    I'm going to recommend pacing. There's gotta be some holidays where you take a rest-and I normally advocate the end of yr 11 to have some real recreation. Not that's it's your last chance, but it's an opportune time to have a rest. And the reason for this, to take this last chance to retreat...
  15. LoveHateSchool

    Trials will be the death of me

    I'm going to recommend that getting a sufficient amount of sleep before an exam will be worth more than the last few hours of cramming. Academics is not just study, it's about knowing when to rest as well.
  16. LoveHateSchool

    Weirdest/craziest songs

    Prepare yourself.
  17. LoveHateSchool

    Selective school vs. Normal public school

    Depends on whether a student performs better being confident on top or gets complacent, whether a student works harder with competition or gets discouraged. I mean most students that want a good mark for the HSC are likely more motivated by the selective environment, but if they aren't...
  18. LoveHateSchool

    Repeating year 11 at another school

    My suggestion would be to just finish Yr 12 at your school year, try and get as much experience outside during your Yr 12 year from masterclasses, NIDA etc. The reason I suggest you finish Yr 12 without repeating a year is so you can have a) the qualification to fall back on, b) get the...
  19. LoveHateSchool

    Nysf 2015

    They will ask you about your subjects, hobbies, what you want to do in future/career and what you will get out of the science forum. It can sometimes help to ask an alumni to know what goes on to craft a good answer how it's going to benefit you! There's normally three people on the panel; * A...
  20. LoveHateSchool

    Advanced vs Standard

    With a 16/20, there's no question you should be enrolling in advanced!!! For the sake of aligning, please do Advanced. You also get much better texts to analyse imho, which actually makes writing easier!