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  1. lourai*87

    working with animals

    I don't mind if you use my thread lol. But you might get more specific responses that answer your question if you make a new one :)
  2. lourai*87

    working with animals

    So glad you have found something you are happy with!! :D Looks like I still have no idea, but glad to help indirectly :P From scouting around it does seem that "Animal Science" is quite a misleading term, and zoology might be the way to go :)
  3. lourai*87

    working with animals

    Hahaha, or mosquitos, right? -- not that they want saving (just finished there myself). Thanks again for the info :) I'm going to see some careers person to try and fgure this out. All the best with yours!
  4. lourai*87

    working with animals

    Thank you both :) I shall look into these when I am feeling more awake!! Chemical Ali, have you studied at any of those in particular or from things you've heard? I guess the research thing, I had ideas of species conservation. I would love to work with pandas, so I'm imagining that...
  5. lourai*87

    working with animals

    Hopefully someone can assist... and also that I've put this in the right spot :) I've been looking into this for quite some time.. I'm not at all interested in the agricultural/production side of things, rather the animal welfare, handling and interaction aspects + research. I know there...
  6. lourai*87


    Pleasantly surprised to get a park in design carpark 8:30 this morning.. University drive, or the street behind it (Kimian Ave); the train station, although there aren't that many. I parked at Mayfield shpos and got the bus in one day when I had the shits driving around.. Happy...
  7. lourai*87

    "B Food Science and Human Nutrition"

    Whoa, i noes!!! Crazy stuff.. Hows engineering going? Or perhaps im so out of touch that everyone's finished already.. Highwayman, im still chugging along in 4th year... so i still may have need for extreme procrastinating :p What are you up to now anywho, all done? Aaand for...
  8. lourai*87

    "B Food Science and Human Nutrition"

    As far as i can tell.. the B. Food Sci & Human nutrition course is more targeted toward the food industry. Good idea to get both course descriptions up and compare them. You do have common courses with the N&D program, but we focus a lot more on the dietetics side of things in 3rd and 4th...
  9. lourai*87

    Olives - Love or Hate them?

    I do not enjoy them. Olive oil spread is similarly disgusting :(
  10. lourai*87

    avocado/vegemite/boiled egg

    vegemite and poached egg goes alright.. avocado couldnt be that bad.
  11. lourai*87

    Obese children need to be taken away from their parents?

    Yeah, you know I support this in extreme cases. There are families that are doing a good job, those that are heading in the wrong direction, and those that have just fucked it up completely and have no intention or motivation of rectifying it. Those are the ones that this should apply to...
  12. lourai*87

    2009 official "funny quirks of my day" thread

    Haha, i was going to post about this. I always eat my banana on the way to uni, and always end up leaving the peel in the car. I give an acquaintance a lift home one day. On walking to car she says randomly "I cant stand the smell of bananas, they make me spew". "Lucky for you (and my car) i...
  13. lourai*87

    Need people to add on facebook

    Ah, Im pretty sure your profile looks teh same no matter how many friends you have...
  14. lourai*87

    Fave author?

    Aw i was waiting to see Enid Blyton! *remembers Noddy* Dean Koontz is my favourite hands down. If i were to recommend a book it would be 'From the Corner of His Eye', the first one i ever read. He combines the slight supernatural with the constant of good v. evil. That doesn't do him...
  15. lourai*87

    2009 official "funny quirks of my day" thread

    Hmm, well i think it has something to do with the Potassium in the bananas, but im pretty sure there is no exact known reason for cramps and therefore cant be a specific remedy. Keeping it moving is pretty much the only thing, and yes it hurts! French guy = 40's :S disappointing really.. i...
  16. lourai*87

    2009 official "funny quirks of my day" thread

    Mmhm i think she just couldnt say the word.. I love accents.. endless misinterpretation and giggles :p Your guy sounds creepy. I used to have this French guy come find me to help him pick out things for his house because he'd just moved here (i do floor service also..woot multiskilled)...
  17. lourai*87

    Judge Me, Should i do extension 1?

    I would go for it, like everyone else has said. You can get rid of it if its not what you thought it would be. It gets much more full on in Yr12, and i made the mistake of not getting on top of the work and revising (plus our teacher didnt give a rats) so i ended up not understanding the...
  18. lourai*87

    2009 official "funny quirks of my day" thread

    Well, today is not hot hurrah! And my funny is from work today. I was serving a little greek lady on registers and she bought some kitchen stuff and a chocolate bar. I was about to tell her how much it was when she says Lady: "what about those other nickers" Me: *confused* "ah...
  19. lourai*87

    ITT: We post about hairdressers to avoid.

    Hmm, I went to Sirocco - people from there came to the uni and did this promo where you got a supposedly really good deal, where you pay $90 (rrp $300+ apparently) for them to wash, cut, colour (which was kindly left on my forehead and ears), 'special treatment for your hairtype', blowdry...
  20. lourai*87

    grey background in pdf

    Unticked the box and it made no difference. So i d/l the new version and also doesnt make any difference. I would say its something to do with my printer settings :( *shrug*