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  1. SgtSlick


    chem is gay
  2. SgtSlick

    chem 2002 - with a poll!

    ok, what is better chem or physics... cast ure votes now!
  3. SgtSlick

    chem 2002

    Ok chem is over for 2002, but it doesnt change the fact i hated my teacher, she hated me, the class in general hated her, she knew squat and taught us about the same...i hated chem so much i think that i became allergic to it..stupid chem it was so gay..physics was much better..hey that gives me...
  4. SgtSlick

    Sourie = Flogger

    Do we all remember sourie? he was such a fag! (not that there is anything wrong with that) he really was a dick-muncher, im glad he is gone... :spaceshp:
  5. SgtSlick


    I must know, did u people do religion by choice? u do know that religion is just a form of control? i am athiest and am proud, so yeah. I know many of u will say that religion is not flase and that its great, but u a simply brainwashed...
  6. SgtSlick

    Speaking Japanese

    my friend taught me how to say " i dont understand" u just say "wa curry ma sen" see? how cool is that?
  7. SgtSlick

    What do u hate about the BOS?

    Ok, this thread is for people to say what they feel, as long as they cut into the BOS. The rules: 1. Much like a :spam: thread, the idea is that everyone adds to the last persons "hate-post" and we will develop a massive BOS hate thread this way. 2. Obscenities are not compulsory, but...
  8. SgtSlick


    My god i dont do latin and i didnt know that anyone did! Well done guys, i bet it is cool to just rock into maccas, the chick goes what would u like today, and u just bust out with "i would like u to ride me like a pony tonite" in latin and she had no idea whats going on...thats just cool
  9. SgtSlick

    This is just a tribute to McLake

    This is a dedication to McLake the Supreme Lord and Master of the :spam: and slayer of :apig: 's, we kneel before u.... and also to the CEO, Janitor and advertising departments of both :apig: and :spam: respectively, we truly are in awe....
  10. SgtSlick


    I can top ure thread killah... Blank. -SgtSlick :(
  11. SgtSlick

    This is it...

    Ok fools, this is it....the showdown, English students vs. mathematics students, who is smarter, and why? which subject got it easy for the HSC? its all on here.... -SgtSlick :( By the way :chainsaw: @ u rednut u flog
  12. SgtSlick

    Its all about chem...again....

    Chem Sux ass soooo HARD. Man i couldnt give a fuck anymore i only stuck with chem for my uai, but today was my last exam so fuck chem forever hahahaha...and i couldnt give a shit how well i go in it, because i have hated since yr 11.... HAHAHAHAHA HSC CAN BLOW ME :chainsaw: :chainsaw:
  13. SgtSlick

    OMG Brain Pain

    Hey, yes SgtSlick needs help, imagine that.... An astronaut is standing on mars. the astronaut throws an object of mass 0.3 Kg vertically upward at an initial speed of 9 ms. It reaches a max height of 11 m. What is the magnitude of acceleration on the object? My god i cant believe i cant...
  14. SgtSlick

    I forgot...

    Hey guys i forgot to bring my 2u maths paper home and i wanna show my dad question 10, could someone please send me a scan of q10 please asap? thanks. I thought it was a fair paper overall, man i was stuck on the jet/car question and question 10 stuffed me up, but hey, in general it was...
  15. SgtSlick

    God Damn Database Error

    Fuck me!! I swear to god, nearly 99 out of 100 times i click on a fucking link in these forums i get a fucking database fucking error!! ARGGGGHHHH. sorry guys i know it isnt ure fault but its sssooooo frutrating, i have to hit refresh about a million times. Today had been the worst day of it...
  16. SgtSlick

    For Nelly

    Im sorry Im a bit slow but i just noticed... "mmmm Modulicious..." HAHAHAHA -SgtSlick :(
  17. SgtSlick

    English paper 2 - WTF??

    What the F**k was the go with the english advanced paper two? It was nothing at all like last years HSC exam and the essay questions were sooooo broad that they just sucked in the hardest possible way. And by the way, what was the go with writing a conversation for King Lear? Man I am soo pissed...
  18. SgtSlick

    Section III

    Well I went in, all prepard for an essay, opened the paper, and let rip a very quiet "shit", had not prepared for a feature article at all. So I basically ended up with an essay that had a headline and a little blurb at the beginning, and I threw some rhetorical questions in there to keep it...
  19. SgtSlick

    Here is what it boils down to...

    Hey all, Im studying changing self, in particular Harwood's poetry. So I always write about 2 poems, Sky High from the stimulus booklet and then 2 additional texts. One is a docco called "Chequerboard revisited - After yr 10" and I was using another docco. Ok, here we are a week from the exam...
  20. SgtSlick


    For Conflict In Indochina, does anyone have a good essay on the role of Nationalist leaders in the rise of Communism in Indochina? If so, could I please have a copy, i did an essay on that for my trial but would like to refine it if possible. Cheers, -SGTSLICK :(