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    UAC Equity/Access scholarships out yet?

    Have offers been made? if not, does anyone know the date theyll come out ? thanks!
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    Assess the validity

    for the question asking to assess the validity of the experiment to measure the electrical resistance at -100 degrees celcius, how did you guys go about answering this?
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    Who's only got one more exam and feel absolutely drained...?
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    Rate the difficulty of 2011 HSC PDHPE

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    Erm... estimate your mark ...

    I thought this years paper was pretty challenging... Im looking at about 70-72/84 what about you?
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    Estimate your 2U mark :)!

    Post your estimate mark here, so we can get a good idea of how people found the test! I'll start, 110/120 :D!
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    Intensity/Decibel question

    I think this was in question 10? part a? what did you guys get for the last part, where it asked for something like when intensity is doubled, how much is loudness increased?
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    What does it feel like to finish HSC?

    Is it actually as good as so many people say? I thought I would die of relief after hsc trials, but now that I think about it, it was more of an anticlimax ..:frown2:
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    Did everyone actually remember to...

    focus on the whole question? on how connection with place influences one's perceptions on belonging or not belonging?
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    When everyone goes into the exam hall and sits down, are you allowed to ask for scrap paper and start scribbling on it before reading time? or are you alowed to write on your hand or table w/e, before reading time?
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    Almost there...!

    My mum linked me this interesting youtube video, i'd like to share with you all :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h60r2HPsiuM
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    Good luck emails

    Is everyone being bombarded with all these automated emails wishing you 'the best of luck' for hsc? i was surprised that sydney uni knew my name o_0 :confused2:
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    Writing an essay when asked to compose an interview/feature article

    i heard one of the english teachers say that a few years back when they asked for an interview, 95% of the state ignored it and just wrote an essay.. how much damage could ignoring the specific text type they ask for do?
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    Do HSC english markers change every year?

    Do HSC english markers change every year?
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    Drowning in guilt

    i'm doing about 8-10 hours of study a day and its really carving away at my mind... i want to take a little time off, but i feel too guilty, so what can i do?
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    Sydney Uni village

    what's it like?