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  1. steph xx

    i need a 70, kids

    i know i didn't fail entirely, but just say, hypothetically, i did. i do: 4U eng, economics, modern, ancient would scaling save me to a 70? and if it didn't, because i know i did fairly decently in most of my subjects - would that bring my up to a seventy?
  2. steph xx

    mental illnesses - discussion, rants, frustrations, speculation etc

    so i am posting this thread as an outlet for anyone who needs to rant about their mental illness - depression, anxiety, bi polar, disorders etc - or discuss or speculate or ask questions harrisony: I would just like to point out townie's excellent where to get help guide...
  3. steph xx

    Motivation --- [merged]

    i have barely no motivation left for the HSC, by the time it becomes important i will no longer give a fuck. right now, i can only think of post HSC lifestyle and it's the fucking worst. motivation -- anyone?
  4. steph xx

    a study guide or plan

    yeah i need one successful students; how did you do it?