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    Need a tutor?!

    Why not get a head start on prelim or hsc advanced mathematics, extension 1 mathematics, english, chemistry or biology? Be a head of your class with my help! As a current 2013 graduate on holiday, I am available to tutor any hour of any day of the week! Having achieved 96 in advanced...
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    Harry's Education Centre

    Hello, does anyone here go to or has been to Harry's for maths ext 1 and 2? If so what are your thoughts on the place? Also currently what topics are the maths ext 1 and ext 2 class up to and what materials are given there? Thanks.
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    Talent 100 vs Matrix vs Dux College

    For chemistry, maths ext 1 & 2 which would be the better tutoring centre? Also in general what are your opinions of each?
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    Biology state ranker's mark

    What was the overall scaled mark for the first state ranker? Also was this years bio exam considered easier than previous years?
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    Work experience outside school

    If I'm doing work experience without the help of the school's advisor, i.e. outside the school, getting it by myself, what documents if any do I need to receive by the end of the work experience to validate that I have in fact worked at such and such place?
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    Required for medicine

    Do UMAT interviews look at your volunteer/work experience? If so which places would be best to volunteer/work at?
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    How much commitment is required?

    The title says it all. How much time/effort/energy must be put into English Ext 1? I'm assuming it's less than what would be required for ext 1 maths?
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    Scaling of subjects

    Does 2 unit maths scale higher than biology? Does 3 unit english scale higher than physics? And are 3 unit english and 3 unit maths the same scaling?
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    Biology question

    how do you answer 2010 multiple choice Q.18. ? how do you approximate sizes from scaled drawings? http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/hsc2010exams/pdf_doc/2010-hsc-exam-biology.pdf
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    Internal Ranks External Marks

    If you ranked 20-30 out of 120 people for a subject (maths advanced) and your cohort performed well in the externals would you be able to get a band 6? And if you did rank 30 in internals but obtained the mark of someone who ranked 15 in externals would you still get the 30th ranked mark and...
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    Highschool jersey nickname ideas!

    Hey could anyone please think of a nickname for the name Naomi? Thanks.
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    CSSA trial results

    What were you're 2u maths and biology CSSA results?
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    Best bio past papers

    Less than 3 months untill hsc bio exam, which past papers should I focus most on? Success one, cssa, independent, neap, various papers from specific schools ? Or should I just try and do them all with equal amount of time and effort?
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    Marks needed for 99+ atar

    Hey, just wondering what marks/ranks I would roughly need in each subject to get an atar of 99+? So here are the details: - my school was ranked 30ish in 2011 but previously we were ranked in the top 15, dropped a great deal but might rise a few ranks in 2012, hopefully - I'm doing maths 2u...
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    Maths 2U vs. Maths 3U

    Hello to whoever is reading this, I was just wondering what are the stark differences between 2U and 3U maths? Also has anyone completed both courses and found 3U to be simpler than 2U? Thanks in advance to whoever bothers with answering :) Oh and regarding 4U maths, if you scored 95+ in 2U...
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    does the preliminary chemistry course matter? I mean with biology I've heard everything thats covered in prelim doesn't appear in hsc so is that the same for chem or do I have to study the prelim course well and remember everything for hsc? also what are good textbooks for prelim chem? Thanks in...
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    Best Prelim Chem + Physics Notes

    What are the best prelim notes for chemistry and physics on BOS ?
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    How does one become a geneticist? As in what subjects should I take for hsc, what atar do I need and are there other exams like UMAT associated with it Thanks to anyone who helps with this thread :)
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    About UMAT

    Okay so I'm going into year 11 and have high aspirations of being a doctor but with that comes the UMAT and i have no clue about it so if anyone could shed some light on this topic, I'd really appreciate it like what percentile do you require to get into UNSW, USYD, UWS or UMelb also when do you...
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    Zenna Diab Tutoring

    Anyone heard of zenna diab tutoring or attend her lessons? If so what is your opinion of it and what is the address for her tutoring place?