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  1. blah says she


    For anyone who's interested, the draft semester 1 timetable comes out tomorrow (12 Jan). Also listed are the dates for language placement tests (they happen during O-Week). Timetable Website
  2. blah says she

    ANU Open Day

    ANU Open Day Come visit ANU on Saturday, August 28. While you're down here, you can also check out the other institutions on offer here - University of Canberra and CIT. While you're down at ANU come check out the lovely colleges. If you're at Johns come say hi to me :p
  3. blah says she

    just for the sake of it...

    total spam... i doubt anyone will reply! just writing something cos no one has posted in here for yonks. how is everyone enjoying anu and canberra itself? i like canberra's late night shopping on friday.. :D do any of you people still come to these boards?? now i have internet connection...
  4. blah says she

    The Alchemist

    Has anyone read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? I finished reading it today and I was just amazed at the way it was written and how it is so simply and beautifully written, yet so complex, with all the underlying meanings you receive from it. It has to be one of the best things I've read in a...
  5. blah says she

    Why did you pick ANU?

    Just curious - two questions... For those of you who have picked a course at ANU for their first preference, why did you decide to choose it? I decided to put ANU first because I felt they offer a wider variety of subjects I could do and are interested in compared to other universities, it...
  6. blah says she

    Communication. d.p - electromagnetic radiation

    Hi fellow Biology people, I know there has been at least one previous thread about the dot point, without much avail: --> use available evidence to suggest reasons for the differences in range of electromagnetic radiation detected by humans and other animals If anyone has any...
  7. blah says she

    kath & kim aka look at moi ploise

    There must be other fans of "Kath & Kim" out there. Can't wait for the new series to start! ABC Thursday 8:30pm - watch it! The study can wait :p
  8. blah says she

    funky round things that flip from UOW

    i dont know how to describe them, so im going to sound a bit dicky, but did anyone else receive those funky round things that u move about and change the picture from UOW in the mail?? unless u got one, i assume u'll have no idea what im talking about and think im an idiot. anyway i was pretty...
  9. blah says she

    Would you do it again?

    So if you had your time over, would you do Extension 2 again?
  10. blah says she

    i dont usually believe in horoscopes, BUT...

    Virgo August 24 - September 23 "You need two brains, four computers and a fleet of cabs this week. You could switch jobs, or find yourself juggling two important tasks or projects. Your way with words is more important than usual. To survive, you will need to be far more flexible, as your...
  11. blah says she

    celebrating the fact that my MW is a piece of shit

    ive been working on my MW for the past hour and somehow I've manage to go from 800 words over the word limit to 1000. i have printer ink all over my hands and my reflection statement and bibliography is non-exsistant. oh, plus the last thing i just wrote sounds like a mastercard commercial.. hmm...
  12. blah says she

    Rugby Union (+ something for the girls)

    I wasn't sure if there's already a thread about this.. anyway. Tonight's Pommys v Aussie. Although I'm a pommy born Aussie backing Australia, I can't help but notice the hotness of Jonny Wilkinson the vice captain of England :jaw: hehe Shame I won't be home to watch the game!
  13. blah says she

    sky diving

    So.. has anyone actually tried sky diving? My sister did it (tandem) at Great Keppel Island and we got to watch it all on video (it was funny watching the facial expressions), she said it was great and would love to do it again. Then our Danish visitors did it and they loved it. So has anyone...
  14. blah says she

    HSC Enrichment Program at Macquarie Uni

    Is anyone considering going to the any of the HSC Enrichment Programs at Macquarie Uni? They sound pretty good and I think they are fairly resonable compared to some other things. I was thinking of going to Biology and English.
  15. blah says she

    tazo tops

    I don't know if I should admit to this.. but those tazo spinning top things are cool! Maybe it's cos I discovered them one boring day in the holidays, but it's an excuse to eat chips all the same :p
  16. blah says she

    PD/H/PE... anyone?

    There must be others around and about doing PD/H/PE? I find the stuff we're doing in class at the moment (the health promotion stuff) a tad boring.. but it'll get better, I'm sure! So if there is anyone else here doing PD/H/PE.. shout out! - Anna :)
  17. blah says she

    Gendered language

    Is anyone else here doing gendered language or has done it previously? I've read a few chapters of the Conversations between Men and Women (or something like that) by Deborah Tannen (sp?) (which I currently find really boring and hard to read as I keep wanting to fall aslepp) and I've read a bit...