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    Multi Choice

    Protectionism was the Europeans thinking that they were PROTECTING the Aboriginals from "not having a religion" so by giving them one they were effectively "saving" them and thus "protecting" them. Assimilation was when the Stolen Generations happened...... Lauren
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    i dunno if i can remember EXACTLY but i'll put what i remember here lol 1.B 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.D i think 6.I didnt really have any idea and just put A LOL 7.C 8.D 9.C 10.A I dunno how i did probably not so well..... But meh what can ya do ay? Lauren
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    Is IPT your last exam?

    WOOHOO!! YES LAST EXAM!!! Lauren
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    Was it just me...

    I thought over all it was a pretty dam good paper. That maths part of question 21 i think?? UGH totally had no idea which sucked cause i knew i knew it but had a MAJOR mental blank. GRRR Oh well only 3 marks LOL. Oh and of course it ended up with EVERYONE having too much spacre time at the...
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    Was it just me...

    I thought over all it was a pretty dam good paper. That maths part of question 21 i think?? UGH totally had no idea which sucked cause i knew i knew it but had a MAJOR mental blank. GRRR Oh well only 3 marks LOL. LAST EXAM!! WOOHOO!! Lauren
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    So what did everyone think of it??

    I thought the questions were pretty good. I'm mostly just GLAD ITS OVER!!! Luckily the source extended response questions were pretty much the same as my trial THANK GOD!! Anyhoo i'm too excited that this exam is over to be on here doing this. So everyone leave posts i;ll look forward to...
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    I only did cause in the last piece i had an extra two minutes or so so i wrote out a counter melody (or what i thought sounded like what i wrote down LOL) That i had made a attempt at writing during the exam in the actual paper. But i hadn't done a very good job so i did it again LOL. Whether or...
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    Drama Exam - thoughts/reflections.

    I thought it was really really good actually lol Weird concept with the Australian Theatre being Dull though..... DULL!!??? What the?? Yeah really dull and boring!! Aboriginals being treated unjustly and performers giving VERY powerful messages and lost non existant children with parents going...
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    For all those people who spent time wasted

    You use it by waiting until then to write your conclusions lol. I no what you mean though, usually in an exam i have like 10-15 minutes to write the centre number and my student id number on every page. But this time i actually ran out of time!! I was in complete shock!! lol Good luck for the...
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    General Thoughts: English Adv. Paper 2 (Modules)

    Module A) Emma/Clueless. It kinda sucked. Relationships?? HUH!! I just adapted my prepared essay and shoved in some ideas about relationships, but i seriously dont think i did a great job of it. I wrote 9 pages though so i hope that was enough Module B) King Lear. I got half way through the...
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    When Paper 2 is OVER I'm going to...

    - Drive home and build a bonfire out of all my english notes, journeys included. (yes there are enough notes for an entire bonfire) :burn: -Then pull out MORE notes and study for drama which is the next day. :eek: -Sleep :sleep:
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    FAQ - Transformations - Emma/Clueless

    OMG!!! I am SOOOOO screwed for this modules exam on Monday!!! Especially for Emma n Clueless!! I mean, if i couldn't grasp the concept for it over the year, surely i cant get it in TWO DAYS!! Lauren:bomb:
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    Oh my goondess. I'm so sorry to hear this. The HSC isn't the end of the world. I hope everyone on here also realises that. RIP. Lauren
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    HSC Drama Links

    They want you to refer to class work yes. Apart from that i cant really help you sorry lol. Good luck on Tuesday!! Lauren:)
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    Music 2 2006

    Music 1 was okay. I didnt like the second question that asked for texture and duration....... But the others were pretty good. The last question was cool. :) I love Jazz hehehehe. Hope everyone did okay!! =) Lauren :)
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    How'd you go?

    So how did everyone go yesterday??? =) Lauren:)
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    Class of 2006, what text are you doing?

    Did anybody else have to think a bit for that stupid question yesterday??? WTF!! How the hell is the standart class meant to know that. My teacher was even confused by it. I kinda got it after thinking it over........... But mayb i'm just stupid!!! Haha Anyone else have issues to begin with...
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    Who WON'T be 18 for schoolies?

    I'm not gonna be 18 on schoolies either. My birthday isn't untill next feb.... like a few other people posting here lol. I dont care so much though cause a) i'm going on the cruise in Dec so i dont think it will matter all that much being underage and b) i'm not a huge drinker anyway lol...
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    Cruise 1st Dec '06

    Yeah about 100 or more people from my year are comin so its gonna GO OFF!!!! lol I'll cyas all there!! WOOHOO!!!