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    when can we check the cut-offs?

    when can we check the uai cutoffs for 2005? or do we have to wait to main round offers on the 19th?
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    does everyone here find 3u very easy now?

    after doing heaps of 4u papers, 3u papers seem really easy now but im scared im being too complacent i havent actually started doing any study for 3unit yet do you think its ok to leave the study for one day? i need the time to study 4unit thats why =\ i did that for my trials and i did...
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    UAI prediction please....

    i just got all my trial ranks back and kinda dont know wat to expect uai wise... the ranks are all trial ranks not cumulative except for physics Ext 2 Maths: 88% 4/54 Ext 1 Maths: 96% 2/130ish Adv English: 79% 13/130ish Economics: 78% 22/70 Physics: 70% 21/30 (this is cumulative...
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    An advantage of using monetary policy to manage the economy

    i cant seem to think of one o.O
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    I'm worried that I wont be able to get 96 +

    I'm aiming for commerce at UNSW and well havent thought about anything else...or want to do anything else for that matter. But my half yearly results werent all that good nor were my most recent assesments. I know i can catch up with the trials coming up but i would just like to know if i need...
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    Polynomials question

    i've been trying to do this question for ages.. its so annoying :mad: the equation x^4 - px^3 + qx^2 - rx +s = 0 has roots alpha, beta, gamma and delta show that if alpha x beta = gamma x delta, then r^2 = p^2s thanks
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    Just a questions about textbooks

    Is fitzpatrik harder than arnold in 4 unit?? cos i cant do any conics questions from fitzpatrik and its quite frustrating
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    another cambridge question

    yr11 book 14g 13c) Show that d/dx (cosx + sinx)/(cosx - sinx) = sec^2(pi/4 + x) thanks
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    Question from Cambridge

    bahz this is still the yr11 book >.< its from 14e question 13a for people who have the book anyways the question says: Show that y=ln(x-1) and y=(2-x)/x intersect at the point (2,0)
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    I Give Up!!!

    i cant stand it anymore all this work for english !! all these texts and analysis essays essays and more essays baaaaahz i dont care anymore this is bursting my brain i cant do any more english im gonna just give up.....no more work for english its against my nature!!! bahzzzzzzz i...
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    are there any good physics sites?

    ok sounds like a stupid question but are there any good sites for physics related info? i need to search up eddy currents thanks
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    just saw the music video for "because im a girl"

    its a korean song by Kiss the music video is very sad >.< but i just want the translations of the narrating parts to get the full meaning of the clip so if anyone knows plz tell me thank you!
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    am i able to get 99+?

    ok dunno where to post this sorry if its in the wrong spot =\ anyways im yr12 2004 and had first exam marks so its a bit early but just wanted to kno wat to work for hmmm i just wanted to kno if i can get a UAI of 99+ (maybe even 99.95 =\) with these sort of marks: eco: 95-100 rank: top...
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    what does qualitively mean?

    as opposed to quantitively i keep on getting them confused :confused: oh and if it sez "identify and list two secondary sources..." do the sources have to be different types eg a website and a book etc? or can they be both like websites? thanks