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    which subjects have no exams?

    which subjects under the course B Business & commerce / B Sci in IT have no exams other then CITP.. cbf for exams next sem lol
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    Exchange to Canada cost?

    How much would it cost to exchange to Canada for 1 year? Also, can i do it on my 2nd ear of uni (next year).
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    How to make turnitin account...

    When i go to create an account as a student, it asks for Class ID and Class enrollment password... We didn't receive anything like this from our tut and nothing was said...
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    Question about timetable

    On the bottom of my timetable it says, "You have not yet allocated to: Accounting for Business Decisions A etc.." But on the actual timetable itself, it says i have that class. Confused a little? :S
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    Course change now???

    This is my first year uni at uts. Say i want to change my course to a different course now. Would i be allowed, and if yes, how?
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    When can i exchange to overseas study??

    Hello, This is my first year uni. Wanted to ask when could i transfer and study at an overseas uni? Can it be anytime?? cheers
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    What to expect on the 1st day of Uni...

    It will be interesting... What happens exactly on the first day on university?
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    Laptop needed for B of Business B of Sci in IT ??

    Do i need to take a laptop to uni for these courses? Is it better to? Do i also have to take books?
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    When exactly is mid- semester break?

    Because planning to go overseas, but not%100 sure when mid-semester break is. Thanks.
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    Lectures online?

    Can you do all lectures online??
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    TFN question

    I have to wait 28 days for my TFN to arrive.... how am i meant to enroll and do my subject selections/ timetable... i can't get past the Govt. section part for enrollment..
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    Do i really have to go to the Orientation Camp?

    is it actually important?
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    Question about UNI

    Are you allowed to have a 1 month break during uni
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    UAC login

    Why isn't my uac login working now? I put my hsc student no. with a 1 at the front, and i put my 4 digit uac pin... Why isn't it working now? Can i only access at 9am?
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    How accurate are the ATAR calculators?

    People say 5-10 marks off and people say 0.5 - 1 marks off...
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    I don't get it. I came 1st in ipt and got an hsc examination mark of 80. But my assessment mark comes up as 73?? Shouldn't i have a assessment mark of 80 because i came first?
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    Is it possible to get a B6 or a high B5 in Eng.Std at a school ranked 605 while ranked 2/22??
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    How does this occur exactly?
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    Question about the ATAR calculator...

    How does the calculator provide an ATAR estimate without taking into consideration the school rank and subject rank of the individual? And sometimes they are pretty accurate ..
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    Atar estimate! (official ranks)

    School Rank: 605 RANKS & Estimated Raw marks): Eng.Std: 2/22 (84%) Economics: 5/11 (75%) Business: 2/25 (85%) Industrial Technology Timber: 1/14 (85%) IPT: 1/8 (75%) These are the raw marks I think I will attain for the HSC. Thank you