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    How hard is Actuarial Studies

    lol i got 60 for acct1501 and im doing actuary studies i am so screwed :rofl:
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    actuarial exemptions

    yup great news no more annoying accounting i also have one more question...if i dont make it into honours (which i probably wont :() and since im not going to be doing a 4th year as im not doing a double degree or co-op ... how can i complete part II? Do i enrol as post-grad...do masters?
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    Lectures & Tutes

    all the assessment details should be in the course outline which is given to you in your first lecture
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    when can we check the cut-offs?

    ok thanks and where can we check them?
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    when can we check the cut-offs?

    when can we check the uai cutoffs for 2005? or do we have to wait to main round offers on the 19th?
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    the OC

    alright thanks!
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    Who is doing a Science-related course @ UNSW next year?

    im looking at combining Bcom (act studies) with Bsci maths or something like that whats the best combination for act. studies?
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    the OC

    hey just wanted to know the song that was playing at julie and calebs wedding sung by that woman really liked it but dont know wat song it is thansk
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    The Amazing Race

    omg i hate colin soooo much! such a bitch! christie isnt as bad as him he treats her badly too
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    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    just out of curiosity has anyone heard of st george girls?
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    Going to a selective school

    uh huh depends on the person the dux of our school (good selective school) only came in yr11
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    didnt get coop interview for acturarial

    i was very very surprised i recieved an interview offer as my ranks werent excellent nor were my extra-curricular activities (but i did have some) for the interview what would be some likely questions? im very lost and feel totally unprepared if they ask about why id like to become an...
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    shuld i do 4u? :S

    4u maths isnt as hard as people make it out to be (unless ur just not a maths person) economics is easy because u just have to remember and regurgitate the textbook if you consider urself a maths person (ie not exactly LIKe maths but dont mind it or prefer it over other subjects) then i...
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    Graduated. I want to teach now.

    if u went to tutor for the hsc ask them if not then just ask around the tuition places they have workshops with uni students as teachers
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    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    fort street 2nd?!?! HAHHA
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    What Do You Do In Your Exam Gaps???

    same here physics is too boring to study for been watching tv all day
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    a few questions on motors

    1) its due to back emf when the motor is heavily loaded it rotates slowly therefore inducing a small back emf since total voltage = emf from source - back emf as back emf is small, the total voltage is large and therefore burns out or stalls
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    Imaginative Journeys

    Keats - ode to a nightingale