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    Learner's Test.

    Hey there, so im currently studying for my L's (a bit late) and my questions is would i need a guardian/parent with me to register to do the test since im 18? And also any tips on studying for your L's? Its a bit tricky for me.
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    should i drop a subject now?

    Im still questioning if i should chemistry now or not. My teacher says that i should i might as well do the hsc exam anyways since its the end of the year. And ive talked to other advisers saying that i should keep it, as its good for being 'on my transcript that ive done it.' However, im...
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    Entry into Masters degree.

    Just a question thats on my mind, say if i wanted to do a masters later on,would i still be able to get into a masters degree say, without the credit average marks? Do they also count into work experience and up-front payments which could lower the standard entry into a masters. Anyone got into...
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    Case Study.

    Hi,as a history extension student,im a bit stuck on the case of my topic JFK.I have my trials next week for history extension and im really worried because i dont know what to actually write in the exam. I mean i know the debates and arguments and all, but how do i really answer the question of...
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    Being late all the time to school.

    Hi,currently in year 12 ive been late almost everyday due to my insomnia and the workload. Im worried about how this would affect me in the long term running as 2 late days become 1 day of absence. When we finally get our report for year 12,would there be a indication of how many times ive been...
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    The date major work is due?

    Is the due date of the major work created by the schools themselves or by the BOS? And when is your major work due?
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    Dropping a subject now?

    Im currently doing 13units right now, and im not doing well in chemstry atm as my marks hovering around 50s. Would you recommend me drop the subject as it would just 'look bad' on my report when in future im applying for jobs?
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    Wanting to do a health-realted career but bad at Chemistry?

    Hey guys,im currently aiming for a health-related career but im having second thoughts,as im doing hsc chemistry and just scrapping through a pass. In year 11,i understood the content but now im just not getting what the teachers says about our four main topics for hsc chemistry. For health...
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    Completing a degree and going into another degree?

    Hi there, after year 12 im considering doing an exercise science degree, though i cant see myself doing a career out of this that would last a long time. To which could i apply for another unrelated undergraduate degree (say commerce?) after i finish and work for a couple of years? Would i be...
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    Need tutoring for Ancient History And/Or Economics

    Hey there. I need a tutor whom willing to do around $20 an hour for each subjects (or not) whom lives around western sydney and hopefully around Bankstown.
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    Applying interstate? How is it done?

    Has anyone tryed to apply interstate? If so can you do a run down of how you did it and what was it like? And do they also have the same thing as the EAS scheme? Im considering applying towards WA and Vic due to the lower ATAR cut offs they have for the course i want to do but nervous of how to...
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    Unique Courses that other Universities dont have?

    Do you guys know any courses out there that only one university has or only few only have? I know that a Paramedic course is one of the few courses that Sydney universities doesnt have at all. Any?
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    Looking back at High School Work for Uni?

    Hey there, my question is when in uni do you sometimes look back or revise your high school subjects in order to understand some of the bits of university work? Say for example your studying Health Sciences and are there bits of high school work you need to understand? Or is uni work completely...
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    Wifi and A Macbook laptop

    Hi , im currently searching around for laptops to buy for next year when im about to enter uni. And for some time now my eyes were on the macbook pro. But for all the macbook users out there, can i use my normal wifi modem and connect it to the macbook or do i have to do that whole buying that...
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    Physio at Curtin University.

    Does anyone know anything about doing Physio at Curtin University at Perth. Also does anyone know about this ''Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview'' requirement? Is this ALL shortlisted or just some?And Why? Thanks.
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    B Psychology At UNSW/Macquarie.

    A Bachelor of Psychology in Sydney University requires you to keep at credit average in your annual grades. Does anyone know if UNSW and Macquarie Uni's Bachelor of Psychology also has this requirement?
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    Mock Trial.

    Hey there guys, well im currently in Mock trail in year 11 atm. IS there anyone else doing mock aswell at school? And also for people that has done mock trail before, what is the 'solicitor' role in mock trail? The teacher doesn't really explains it clearly for me. >_<' ] Also if this is the...
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    help about browser redirecting problems.

    hi there fellow BOD users! All of my broswers has been working very weird lately, as whenever i google a site and click on it , they redirect me to some bogus sites but this is for only certain websites and thankfully i can log onto BOD. AND I HAVE READ THE FAQ! And i have looked through all the...
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    A Board of Studies rule?

    My school does this 2-week trial of subject selections wheres you get to switch classes if you do not like it. Im trying to switch into Modern History atm , but the class is too full and i virtually asked everyone in that class if they are going drop it which all responded no . Then i went to...
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    Dropping Physics and picking up Ancient History?

    Right now im considering dropping Physics and picking up Ancient History. Though Ancient History is a weaker scaler then Physics, history has been my strongest component with my studies. But i've always been interested into the 'Modern' side of history and not so much of the ancient-side.What do...